Rammus dominates League Season 13 with highest win rate of all champions

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Between a variety of jungle changes that grant more sustain for killing jungle camps and Season 13’s new tank Mythics, Rammus has rolled his way right to the top of the League of Legends food chain.

Other than a few very specific League of Legends metas, Rammus has existed as a niche pick. He was always meant to be an answer to heavy AD compositions.

Rammus isn’t the sort of champion that should be picked and prioritized every game. Rather, he was designed as a response to very specific situations. The introduction of new tank items has thrown him well out of that niche and into supremacy.

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Rammus’ win rate has soared to over 56% according to u.gg, making him the highest win rate champion in League of Legends Season 13.

Rammus rolls his way to the top of League of Legends Season 13

Rammus wasn’t buffed on patch 12.23, so, to find out what’s making him so strong, it requires a little digging. This is a classic case of a champion being affected by other changes within the game that push them over the edge into overpowered territory.

That said, you don’t have to go too far to find the culprits here. Rammus was buffed six times through Season 12 and into pre-season 13, buffs that have cumulatively made him more and more powerful through the year.

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All those buffs combined with a certain tank Mythic have made this champion truly unstoppable.

Jak’Sho is the key to Rammus’ success. It’s a Mythic item added at the start of Season 13 that rewards him for staying in fights with its protection stacking passive and gives him the sustain his kit normally lacks. That combined with Sunfire’s Buffs and Abyssal Mask’s sustain that compensates for value Rammus loses by not going armor has created the perfect storm for this champion.

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Not to mention, it’s much easier for junglers to sustain from clearing camps than it was on patch 12.22, making Rammus an incredibly healthy jungler due to how little damage he takes while clearing.

It’s hard to say whether Rammus has been good all this time and no one noticed, or if the new items have really increased his power level that much. Either way, this jungler has quickly accelerated his way to the top of League of Legends.

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