New League of Legends game modes, map skins could arrive soon under new team

Odyssey Ziggs in League of LegendsRiot Games

After a lull in new game modes, League of Legends could be getting new ones thanks to a new development team focusing on the project, Riot confirmed ahead of Season 13’s launch. The same goes for map skins, a much-requested community feature.

For years, League of Legends players have seen the same recycled featured game modes on their screens. Nexus Blitz, ARURF, One For All, and Ultimate Spellbook do provide a twist on the typical experience, but it’s been a while since Riot changed things up.

They have long called for more PvE game modes like the old Odyssey: Extraction or Invasion missions, but developers have deflected citing a resources problem.

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But that could all change in Season 13 and beyond, with Riot opening the door to all kinds of new League of Legends experiences.

Jeremy ‘Brightmoon’ Lee, Executive Producer of League of Legends, told Dexerto there is a new team within Riot focused on bringing more game modes to the MOBA ⁠— and the lull is coming to an end soon.

“I know that the community has been eagerly waiting and vocal about their desire to have new game modes,” he said.

“We have been building a new team within the League of Legends dev team that is focused on bringing back game modes players love like Nexus Blitz, as well as investigating opportunities for new game modes.

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Star Guardian Soraka in League of LegendsRiot Games
New game modes would spark interest in League of Legends wanting more PvE experiences.

“We don’t have anything to announce quite yet, but the team is assembled and they’re working on some stuff we’ll be excited to share with you when it’s ready.”

The same was said about map skins, which is also on Riot’s agenda.

Lee did not further elaborate on when players could expect to see variants on Summoner’s Rift or Howling Abyss again, but the mere mention of it will have players reminiscing of the winter skin for the Rift and wanting to relive that experience.

It could still be some time before either feature is realized, but progress in this department is bound to please League of Legends players who have waited for years for fresh content.

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