New League of Legends champion Yuumi officially revealed – Abilities, lore, and more

Alan Bernal

Riot Games are preparing to release League of Legends’ 144th champion onto the Rift, and while there’s ample rumors about the new character here’s a full breakdown of who Yuumi is.

The League of Legends developers have already laid out the groundwork for how new champions and VGUs are going to be executed throughout 2019. With the announcement of the year’s second new champion, there’s bound to be some confusion about how they fit into the game.

With everything from cryptic messages, teaser trailers and leaks leading up to Yuumi’s official announcement on April 26, the character is getting a lot of attention as the game ramps up to her release.

Riot GamesYuumi might be cute, but players are already seeing how much of a pain she’ll be to kill.

Yuumi’s Lore in League of Legends

Using the Book of Thresholds, Yuumi has been searching for her long lost master by traveling through the portal pages of the mystical tome.

Yuumi is a loyal magical cat to her Yordle owner named Norra. But one day Yuumi learned that her master had gone to a dangerous location within the book. Not wanting anyone to follow her, Norra “destroyed the portal as she traveled.”

Now Yuumi and “Book” are on the lookout for any clues that could lead them to their lost owner. One such location Yuumi has found herself in during her quest lie in the dangerous lanes of the Rift.

Riot GamesThe Book of Thresholds that Yuumi simply calls “Book.”

Role and abilities for the support

Taking a look at Yuumi’s official ability kit, the support enchanter will be extremely mobile to dish out protection spells and CC’s while literally clinging to her teammates.

She has a passive called Bob ‘n’ Block that randomly empowers her next attack, restoring mana and granting a shield. If she’s Attached to an ally, the shield protects them too. The shield will stay active until its broken.

Her Q is called Prowling Projectile, which fires a missile dealing magic damage to the first opponent hit. If the missile has enough time to travel before hitting, it will inflict bonus damage and a slow. If attached to an ally, the missile will originate from the ally’s position, but Yuumi can manipulate the Q’s trajectory using the mouse.

Her W is called You And Me! (Yuumi), and lets the Magical Cat ‘Attach’ herself to an ally champion. Upon doing so, she can’t move instead relying on her ally’s movement to get around.

Yuumi becomes untargetable (except for Turret shots) in this state. She can unattach after a set time, or Attach to another ally with no cooldown. While attached, both Yuumi and her ally gain a percent of each other’s AD or AP converted to Adaptive Force.

With her E, Yuumi unleashes an ability called Zoomies which heals her and gives her a burst of movement speed. If she’s attached to someone, the spell affects them instead.

Riot GamesYuumi is seen here Attaching to Poppy, giving both of them a shield to protect themselves from Rek’Sai.

Since her E has two charges, she can Attach to one ally, use her E, then immediately reattach to another and use her second E. Giving tons of heals and movement speed to teammates, while staying relatively safe.

Her Ultimate is called Final Chapter. This crowd control ability sends out waves of magic damage to her enemies, rooting those who get struck by “multiple hits.” Yuumi is able to move, attach to allies, and heal while the using her ult.

Riot GamesHere Yuumi is seen attached to Tristana, but is simultaneously using her Ultimate against Vel’Koz.

When is the release date for Yuumi?

Taking the last two champions releases into consideration, Yuumi might release anywhere from May 12 to the 17.

The full reveal for the latest champion to release Sylas came on January 8, which is 17 days prior to his January 25 release.

Similarly, Neeko was fully unveiled on November 19, and had a 16 day buffer from her December 5 launch.

Both champions had a window of a little over two weeks from announcement to release. If Riot Games follows that same trend with Yuumi, it would put her debut in the second full week of May.

Yuumi’s kit might make her a bit of a nuisance to kill, but being a Magical Cat will undoubtedly make her an instant fan-favorite with the League of Legends community.