League of Legends fans show appreciation for lack of Yuumi presence during MSI 2023

Liam Ho
Yuumi in Legends of Runeterra with an MSI logo

League of Legends fans have shown their appreciation for Riot after the support champion Yuumi was not present at MSI 2023.

League of Legends is a pretty massive game. The popular MOBA showcases over 160 champions, with items, skins, and runes to boot. With the absolute variance in gameplay offerings from its champions, there’s likely a character for everyone to pick up and enjoy.

However, this is a downside to the variety on offer. Certain champions in the game can feel incredibly frustrating to play against, or even be downright broken at times. One such champion is the problematic support Yuumi. Yuumi’s ability to go untargetable has resulted in large frustration from the player base, and as such Riot has made efforts to rework her.

Her most recent mid-scope update saw her power shifted around slightly, with more emphasis on her best friend mechanic as a source of her power. Due to the close timing of her rework release and MSI 2023, Riot decided that she would be disabled from play throughout the entire tournament. This has seemingly gone down well with many players, who praised Riot.

LoL fans applaud lack of Yuumi presence at MSI 2023

Yuumi has been a terror in professional League of Legends play since her inception, the magical cat often creating dissatisfying viewing experiences for spectators. Therefore, fans were relieved to see that the champion would not see the light of day when it came to MSI 2023.

“Yuumi not being a part of MSI really felt to me like we went back to a better state of league esports. I don’t want to circlejerk too hard but I enjoyed MSI much more without her.” the post stated.

The reasoning behind the enhanced viewing experience according to the Reddit user was that other ADCs and support champions were allowed to shine, not being overpowered by Yuumi.

“Support players could really show off and shine, and the viewer’s experience wasn’t just ‘watch Yuumi stick to Zeri and then eventually win’”

While MSI 2023 managed to contain Yuumi, both her and the new support Milio will be available for worlds, meaning we could see her return to full form in October of this year.