LoL players claim Yuumi will “never be fixed,” demand Riot work on other champions

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League players have taken to social media to express their frustration at Riot for spending a huge chunk of time attempting to fix Yuumi, and not enough on other champions and systems.

League of Legends is a massive game, with over 160 champions to play, tons of items, and systems that all interact with one another. It only makes sense for LoL developer Riot to have their hands full with the game. However, one of Riot’s most expensive investments in League of Legends has been in the magical support cat Yuumi.

Yuumi has been a pain point for Riot ever since her release back in 2019. With her unique capability of hopping onto an ally and becoming untargetable, she’s definitely been one of the more divisive champions to be released into the MOBA. Alongside this, her kit has been proven as some of the strongest among the support roster, which has made her a prominent pick in pro play and throughout the divisions of solo queue.

Historically, Riot has tried to remove the kitty from the top spot, but she seems to keep clawing her way back up to the spotlight. Due to the sheer prevalence of Yuumi throughout League of Legends, Riot has tried several tactics to dunk on the champion. She’s had parts of her kit removed, nerfed, buffed, and now even a mid-scale rework on Riot’s behalf just to make the magical cat a little less magical.

After the most recent rework failed at making the champion more healthy, however, League of Legends players have taken to Reddit to express their frustration. Redditors have stated that Yuumi will “never be fixed” and that they believe the development time could be spent more effectively on champions and systems that need it.

League players demand Riot work on something other than Yuumi

Reddit user Jozoz pointed out that each hour spent at Riot trying to fix Yuumi is an hour not spent working on “other champions/game systems that need attention.” Jozoz claimed that Yuumi will never be fixed whilst she has the capability to become untargetable, and no tweaks will ever fix that.

They began to highlight several other systems and champions that could be worked on instead, depicting the lack of attention that they’re given. They finished their statement by claiming that “spending game design resources on Yuumi means less resources on literally every other part of game design.”

It seems that many of the League player base has agreed with the post, with it gathering over 8.2 thousand upvotes on Reddit. Many noted the failure of the recent rework, sarcastically remarking how excited they were to be banning the champion once again.

However, some have taken to defend Riot. Whilst acknowledging Jozoz’ frustration and what they were saying, others noted that it’s unlikely that the same team works on both champions and updating core systems.

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After the most recent rework, Yuumi has seen her ban rate skyrocket once again in high elo, proving that the attempt to reduce her severity was unsuccessful. There’s really no telling what Riot has in store for the magical cat, but the player base would see her gone than in League of Legends anymore.