Next LoL champ Aurora teased in brand-new item easter egg

Liam Ho
Ornn LoL Splash Art

The newest champion in League of Legends already has an in-game easter egg specifically for them, coming in the form of a brand-new item.

Aurora is the next champion coming to League of Legends. The Vastayan bunny hailing from the Frejlord is said to be a mid-range solo lane mage, who’s capable of seeing things that many would miss.

She’s already received plenty of teasers both in and out of the game. Originally being showcased in a new emote, Aurora already has the player base hyped up as to what their kit could look like.

We also received more lore about the new champion in a comic featured in the client. It tells the story of Aurora helping Ornn out at his forge, cementing a relationship between the two of them. But now we’ve received an even more concrete easter egg, in the form of a new item being added to the MOBA.

The new item, titled “Witch’s Hat” is an item that only Aurora themself can receive. The item appears to be an Ornn upgraded version of Rabadon’s Deathcap and has a funny description that points to the relationship Aurora has with the Ram demi-god.

“‘Friend.’ Yes, it is a funny word. Yet perhaps I understand its purpose.” This is likely referring to Ornn finding friendship with Aurora, something rather uncommon for the fluffy Frejlordian blacksmith.

We are yet to know exactly what Aurora’s kit may look like as of writing, but her friendship with Ornn may give us an inclination as to how she may play. Of course, it’s likely they will have close ties to Ornn, and will have interactions as the pair are so close-knit in the lore.

Aurora will likely be released in late June or mid-July 2024.

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