League players shocked by Yuumi nerfs in patch 13.1B as Riot “murders” champion

yuumi splash art league of legendsRiot Games

Patch 13.1B brought about some devastating nerfs to League of Legends’ most hated magical cat. So much so that the community is actually feeling bad for the frustrating feline.

League of Legends is a game that’s constantly updated, either with new champions, skins, or balance changes to keep the game fresh and chugging along for its lively player base. One such champion that has seen a large number of changes recently is Yuumi.

Yuumi is arguably one of game’s most hated champions. As a supportive enchanter, she is able to attach to anyone and become untargetable whilst turbo-boosting whoever she’s on. Not only does not being able to hit her infuriate the League community, but she is also widely considered to be an incredibly easy champion, which just lands the cat in more trouble.

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Riot is looking to rework the champion within the near future, but until that time they’re cutting back on her power. In fact, they’ve nerfed her so hard in patch 13.1B that players are even beginning to feel bad for her.

Riot delivered several nerfs to the cat, particularly in her base stats and passive, stating “With her current presence and upcoming ADC changes, we’re going to be taking the last nerfs a bit further as we continue to rework her.”

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These nerfs, however, were absolutely massive, and they didn’t go unnoticed by players. “Holy sh** they f***ing murdered Yuumi,” one player said in shock on Reddit.

With Yuumi already standing at a 46.2% win rate in solo queue according to OP.GG, players were surprised to see how hard Riot hit Yuumi with the nerf hammer. Some players noted that her win rate may hit an all-time low.

Other players were on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, stating how much they hated the character and were glad to see her destroyed. Some even sarcastically poked fun at the very “legitimate” Yuumi accounts they have seen.

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With these nerfs, there’s high doubts that we’ll be seeing the magical cat anytime soon near the top of the meta. However, with a rework planned for the near future, hopefully Riot is able to bring this support back from the brink in a healthier way.