League of Legends Season 12 ranked rewards revealed: How to get Victorious Sejuani

Victorious Sejuani in League of LegendsRiot Games

The League of Legends Season 12 ranked season is winding down, and Riot has now just revealed the rewards to players, including the Victorious Sejuani skin. If you want to get rewarded for your ranked efforts, here’s what you need to do.

The Victorious skins are a tradition in League of Legends. Every season, Riot gives top players a skin to commemorate their ranked achievements and flex on everyone.

League of Legends Season 12 is no different with a new Victorious Sejuani skin being handed out to players. However, this will be the first season with a unique Honor reward skin for those who play with grace ⁠— regardless of the rank they hit.

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If you want to get both rewards, you have until mid-November to do so, so here are the requirements to unlock both League of Legends Season 12 end-of-season rewards.

Victorious Sejuani in League of LegendsRiot Games
Reach Gold by the end of League of Legends Season 12 to unlock Victorious Sejuani.

LoL Season 12 ranked reward: Victorious Sejuani

Sit atop the throne with Victorious Sejuani in League of Legends Season 12. The leader of The Winter’s Claw is decked out in gold and purple regalia in her special skin, much like those who have received the honor before her.

The Victorious Sejuani skin also has chromas depending on the rank you hit in either Solo or Flex queue. Each additional tier above Gold will give you a new chroma corresponding to that rank color. You’ll also get Sejuani Eternals, a Summoner icon, and the champion if you don’t own her.

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As long as you’re rated Gold or higher by the end of November 14, 2022 you’ll receive the Victorious Sejuani skin. It’ll take about a month to be given to all players, so hold tight once the season ends.

Three Honors Malzahar in League of LegendsRiot Games
Hit Honor 5 before the end of League of Legends Season 12 to get Three Honors Malzahar.

LoL Season 12 honor reward: Three Honors Malzahar

No matter what rank you are though, if you played with honor in League of Legends Season 12, you’ll also be rewarded. The Three Honors Malzahar skin will be given out to players who reached Honor 5 by the end of Season 12.

If you don’t hit Honor 5 you’ll still be rewarded in some capacity with Honor Capsules for levels three and four too. Each tier has improved rewards all the way to Honor 5, which includes a random ward skin, a random emote permanent, and six key shards.

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Much like Victorious Sejuani, you have until November 14, 2022 to reach Honor 5 to be considered for Three Honors Malzahar. It’ll also take around a month to distribute to everyone.

After the ranked rewards are handed out, it’s time to jump into League of Legends Season 13. This preseason includes major changes for top lane and jungle, a general simplification of multiple game mechanics, and yet another item rework ⁠— this time for tanks.