League of Legends to reward positive player behavior with new ‘Three Honors’ skins

Three Honours skin lineRiot Games

The ‘Three Honors’ skin line is another instalment in Riot Games’ ongoing fight to control toxic behavior in League of Legends.

Toxicity online is nothing new – and nowhere is it more apparent than in online gaming.

Riot Games have been frequently outspoken about their attempts to combat toxicity in their games. From Valorant to League of Legends, Riot have set up systems to help report and control toxic behavior.

In their latest attempt to help curb toxicity in League, Riot have announced they’ll be introducing a new reward system for repeated good behavior by players in-game.

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Following on from the success of ‘honor recalls’, awarded to players who were consistently honored by teammates, League will be introducing a ‘Three Honors’ skin line, only available as a reward for those who reach honor level five by the end of the competitive season.

The skin line will replace the traditional chroma rewards for Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch which were awarded to high-honor players. However, Riot have confirmed that these chromas will still be made available through Honor 5 capsules.

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Three Honors Malzahar

The first recipient of a Three Honors skin will be Malzahar, with Three Honors Malzahar becoming available at the end of the 2022 competitive season for Honor 5 players.

Three Honors MalzaharRiot Games
A first look at Three Honors Malzahar, the first of the Three Honors skins designed to reward positive behavior in-game.

The skin line will receive a new skin every year – similar to Riot’s current Victorious skin line, given to those who achieve Gold or higher in League’s ranked system.

Other additions to Riot’s anti-toxicity arsenal

Hana ‘TimTamMonster’ Dinh, product lead for Behavioural Systems in League, also clarified that there would be more systems coming to the game to improve gameplay experience.

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Notably, she confirmed that Riot would be adding the option to report players during the game rather than waiting for the post-game lobby. She also confirmed that a “premade-only chat” function was on its way, allowing players the option to only communicate with players who they had chosen to queue up with.

Riot are also working on live moderation for in-game chat, which detects inappropriate messages as they happen, deletes them, and mutes that player. However, no timeline has yet been given for the development and release of this feature.

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