League of Legends glitch removes ranked dodge penalties by accident

Andrew Amos
god staff jaxRiot Games

Dodging in a ranked League of Legends game usually nets players a hefty timeout plus some LP loss. However after LoL patch 12.17 a glitch has removed the LP loss penalty by accident, letting players dodge without any material consequence.

Dodging in League of Legends is frowned upon by some in the community ⁠— and Riot themselves. The developers have put in many penalties over time to encourage people to play games out from champion select and not dodge before launching onto Summoner’s Rift.

The penalties have gotten steeper over time, usually with LP losses and timeouts from queuing up again. However a glitch in League of Legends patch 12.17 has removed penalties pretty much entirely.

Players reported being able to dodge and only get the timer, not losing any LP in the process. It doesn’t even count as a loss for promotion games. For those who don’t really care about waiting to play but value their LP, this glitch is greatly beneficial.

Riot does frown on the practice of dodging, but some believe it has its purpose. Sometimes your team is already bickering in champion select, or the enemy team got all of the meta champions while one of your teammates is trolling. Dodging gets people out of the game without the full LP loss for a defeat.

The developers won’t be keeping the new system in place for long though. Riot is aware of the glitch and are working on patching out the bug. 

Whether players will receive retroactive dodging penalties remains to be seen. However while the bug exists, expect a lot of dodges as players abuse it if your League of Legends game looks doomed in champion select.