LoL devs set to add new champions based on characters from other games

Liam Ho
Poro King in Legends of Runeterra

League of Legends developers have announced plans to introduce champions that have previously been introduced in their other Runeterra-based IPs.

League of Legends has announced a bunch of new changes coming for Season 2024, including new items, void jungle camps, and map changes. All of these huge updates are coming alongside the newest champion Hwei, one of the more complex champions to be released onto the Rift thus far.

As the 166th champion in League of Legends, it seems Riot has no plans to stop dropping new characters for fans to master. Players have wondered if champions from other titles would ever breach the rift, especially with the further investment into lore with the TV series Arcane, the Riot Forge, and Legends of Runeterra.

Now, it seems that players may be getting what they want in the near future, as champion product lead Lexi Gao has explained in a recent interview with Dot Esports.

Senna League of Legends Runeterra
Senna was originally introduced as a Legends of Runeterra card before being released in League.

LoL devs plan to introduce champions from other Runeterra IPs

Gao revealed details that the developers of League have plans to introduce champions from their other IPs into League of Legends.

“There are champions that we’re planning that previously existed in other Runeterra IPs, but I have to say though, a lot of times our team is not very good at doing it because we are the team that is very good at starting new things.”

Champions like Yone and Senna were originally introduced as Legends of Runeterra cards, before being ported over into League of Legends.

However, porting champions over from the card game is far more complex than it may seem. Gao explained that the LoR team looks at champions in a card game sense, which means the translation isn’t quite as smooth.

Even then, Gao has assured players that this difficult journey will be worth it and is a part of Riot’s continued efforts to create a complete experience across all their different titles.