Riot teases new League champion Renata through secret website

Jaret Kappelman
Renata New LoL champ
Riot Games

Riot Games is always introducing new champions to League of Legends and the latest, Renata, is being teased through a website for Glasc Industries, a company she founded in Runeterra.

Due to a leak, reports on January 27 revealed that Renata will be the name of the next champion to be implemented into League of Legends and the Runeterra universe.

While she is confirmed to be an enchanter support, we don’t know what abilities will be in her kit. However, we might be able to get an idea of what kind of power she holds.

Much like Riot Games did with Seraphine, the company has a unique launch plan for Renata as a secret website for her Runeterra company, Glasc Industries is now live.

Lol Renata website Founder
Riot Games
We learn who Renata is through her Runeterra company’s website.

LoL champ Renata gets lore teased through new website

The website for Glasc Industries launched on January 28 without any announcement from Riot themselves. When visiting the page, you are greeted by a hand holding some sort of chemtech potion.

There are three tabs that you can navigate through and learn more about Renata’s backstory. We discover that her full name is Renata Glasc and she’s originally from Zaun. Renata took inspiration from her family’s alchemical practice to improve life in her hometown and Piltover. Their original goal was to make chemtech affordable, beautiful, and accessible for anyone.

She has been doing this for 30 years and “collaborating with both citizens and chem barons to keep the streets safe.” Now, she stands at the top of the company with her eyes set on “redefining beauty through state-of-the-art technology.” This can all happen through the products that Glasc Industries has to offer.

Lol Renata website
Riot Games
Glasc Industries has two lines, Luxury and Diffusion.

The site says they have multiple products but they all come in one of two lines: ‘Luxury Line’ and ‘Diffusion Line’. This luxury side is for fulfilling your greatest desires and lets users unlock a special smell, self-defense tricks, and augmented limb technology.

While on the other side, diffusion provides affordable chemtech like filtration systems, replacement limbs, and medical alchemy. The best in Zaun have worked together to create these to fix some of Runeterra’s biggest issues.

There is a lot of lore that was dropped in and there will likely be more leading up to her release. We will update you when more information on that becomes available.