League pro sets insane Jungler kill record with surprise character

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Victory Five player Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsua upped the ante for the LPL, setting a new all-time Jungle record on April 17, taking more kills than any player has to date in the Chinese professional league. 

As part of the Spring Split Playoffs, Victory Five took on JD Gaming in a 3 game series. Leading to the Taiwanese Karsa taking the third game in the series as an opportunity to go all out while setting this historic record.

With Jungle players getting an early lead being such a recognized danger, it was astounding to see the V5 player taking every chance he could to beat the previous Jungle kill record by just a single kill.

Former FPX jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo held the title up until this game, setting a 16-kill record before being suspended from professional play due to match-fixing.

Karsa is currently most well-known as a dedicated Lee Sin Jungle threat, with a 100% win rate on the champ, but switched things up for the third game in the series against JDG, choosing Viego in this record-setting game.

Coming off the back of two losses with Viego, it was a risky move, that clearly played out in V5’s favor.

The 25-year-old has long been a fan favorite, with this record-setting run allowing him a solid place in Taiwanese gaming history, at least until the top spot is taken again.

Fan response has been joyous, sharing in the Taiwanese Jungler’s success, with comments on Reddit stating “Karsa is the enemy jungler during promos.

Riot Games
Viego’s high skill ceiling has led to calls that Karsa’s use of the champion establishes him as one of the all-time great mechanically gifted players.

Fans took to Twitter too to express joy around Hung Hao-Hsua’s historic feat, stating “Karsa being so good for so long is actually insane“, referring to the 25-year-olds anomalous 8-year career.

There has been no response yet from Karsa or V5 on their feelings about the record, most likely honing in focus for the rest of the Spring Splits, but we’ll keep you updated should that change.