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League players slam Riot for “miserable” battle pass leveling experience

Published: 26/Dec/2021 17:31 Updated: 26/Dec/2021 18:49

by André González Rodríguez


After what has been a less than ideal run for the new League of Legends battle pass system in many players eyes, fans of the game are now slamming Riot for its “miserable” leveling experience.

Moving forward into Season 12, Riot decided to shake up the battle pass system’s missions and token goals. This was came into effect with the new Debonair event that started on December 9.

The new system and its event progression was seen as greedy by players due to how long it now takes to reach in-game goals. It also enraged fans once they found out Riot had been secretly resetting their progress due to milestone missions not giving prestige points.


Problems have only continued, as after participating in the battle pass for a few weeks fans have found even more issues.

Debonair Draven from League of Legends.
Riot Games
There are a total of seven Debonair skins.

League players slam Riot for poor battle pass leveling

League of Legends players use the battle pass system and its event to earn various rewards. All they have to do is complete each of the missions to earn their token goals in a select time frame. For fans like Reddit user Fillia on the official League of Legends subreddit, it has been a “miserable” experience due to the number of points they’re receiving.

“The amount of times I was at around 390/400 points is crazy,” said Fillia. “I wish I kept track of how many points I have lost because of the points not carrying over but I didn’t. I know it has to be a lot though. This feeling is comparable to getting 99 LP instead of a promotion in the old system.”


After "farming" this battle pass for 3 weeks, the experience has been miserable. from leagueoflegends

With the new system, players no longer earn tokens after each game. Instead, they must earn 400 points. Once players earn the 400 points they’ll be rewarded 20 tokens. This is then repeated over and over.

The new way to earn tokens also affected Fillia as, even though they were playing also playing TFT while doing other tasks, they felt that they still should have been earning more for the amount of time they were playing, “This has been the least amount on tokens I have had at this point of an event since the first battle pass. And this is with playing the game a lot, almost every day.”


These feelings were echoed by others in the comments. “Yeah, this pass is a scam, they need to go back,” said one “This pass f**king sucks. This is the first pass I don’t think I’ll even finish the milestone rewards.”

Passes like these can be a good way for players to unlock champions and other items, but a slow leveling experience can hinder that. Sadly, it looks like League fans might need to find another way to unlock them moving forward.