League of Legends players slam “greedy” event progression rework

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

Riot’s plan to rework League of Legends’ event progression system, starting in Season 12, has been slammed by players as “greedy” and “time-consuming.” The community claims it’ll take them even longer to earn all the rewards under the new system, but the developers disagree with the sentiment.

League of Legends’ event system has gone through a few renditions since Riot started ramping up the in-game rewards. However, heading into Season 12, the developers have proposed a major shake-up to how players earn those sweet Prestige skins and chromas.

Riot are doing away with the tokens system, instead rewarding players a flat amount of “points” based on the amount of time they play during events ⁠— and whether they win or lose.

The devs are also adjusting how much other game modes contribute towards event points. To stop players from AFKing in TFT lobbies for tokens, they’ve cut the value of TFT games towards points earned by half. Co-op vs AI will also grant a reduced amount.

Riot Games
League’s event progression system is changing as of December’s Debonair event.

“In the past, some missions either didn’t respect players’ time or incentivized playing the shortest games or modes possible,” developer Daniel ‘Rovient’ Leaver said in a December 3 blog post.

“Our goal with these changes is to make League missions a more enjoyable, League-focused experience where you get rewarded for playing the games you already love.”

However, the changes have fallen flat with some parts of the League of Legends community. With players already complaining about how much of a grind recent events have been ⁠— especially the Rise of the Sentinels event ⁠— they believe it’ll only get worse under the changes.

“While it’s cool that they are cleaning up how you finish missions, I wish they gave out more tokens,” one player said.

“Not a big fan of Riot wanting to make everything more time-consuming for players who simply don’t have a lot of time,” another chimed in.

Others have also called the new system “annoying” and “greedy,” forcing players to potentially pay up for Prestige Points if they don’t have the time to grind each event pass.

Riot have dispelled that sentiment though, claiming there will be no “net loss” in points earned under the new system.

“Worth mentioning that we will be paying close attention to the Debonair Event data. If we need to adjust or tune our mission requirements as a result of this change for future events, we’ll absolutely be doing so,” Rovient added on Reddit.

“It’s previously been very challenging to accurately tune the ‘play X games’ missions to be fair for the majority of our League players when we have to compare real, hard-fought PVP games with TFT AFK games.”

Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition League of Legends skin
Riot Games
While players believe future Event Prestige skins will be gated behind big time commitments, Riot has assured players that isn’t the case for most.

Rovient assured “there should be no change whatsoever” for the majority of players, and they’ll earn the same amount of points after the change compared to before.

The changes will be tested out for the first time in the upcoming Debonair event, which launches with League of Legends patch 11.24 on December 9.