League of Legends players blast Riot after event progress is secretly reset

André González Rodríguez
Debonair Yi
Riot Games

After many issues with Riot’s rework of the League of Legends Debonair event progression, fans are even more disgruntled after finding out about the Event Pass’s progress being secretly reset.

League of Legends’ event system has gone through a myriad of iterations, and this has been a byproduct of Riot’s decision to increase rewards in-game. The developers proposed a major shake-up to how players can earn rewards.

Riot did away with the tokens system and instead implemented a flat amount of points based on playtime during the events, no matter a loss or a win. They also adjusted how much other modes contribute to the event’s progression system. TFT games’ points have been cut in half and Co-op vs AI also got its points reduced.

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The pass is a great way to unlock champions

These changes came as distasteful for many of the League of Legends fans, as it was seen as more time-consuming. Riot seemingly made it worse with their latest unannounced change.

League of Legends Event Pass progress secretly reset

First brought to attention on the official League of Legends subreddit by imjonathont, it seems as Riot has “completely reset the progress in the pass,” according to the user.


The milestone missions that contribute to the progress pass were reset as a response to issues of rewards not being given out but apparently, Riot completely reset the progress in the pass. “I completed milestone missions one and two and was working on three when the missions were reset,” said imjonathont.

This unwarranted secret change had others also disgruntled.

“It takes a whole f***ing day to do one milestone. I grinded all of yesterday for this, such f***ing bulls**t,” said one Reddit user in the thread. “This has been one of the bigger s**tshows I’ve seen from Riot in a while, tbh,” wrote another.

Passes are a solid way for players to unlock champions, so taking a hit like this undoubtedly hinders progression in both playing the game to its fullest extent and enjoying it. Fans might have to find a better way to unlock champions from now on.