League players slam “greedy” Riot over new Mythic Shop

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League of Legends players hit out at Riot Games’ handling of the Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige skin after it was removed from the Mythic Shop after just two weeks. On top of that, the company received backlash after announcing they won’t be releasing the list of Prestige skins for 2022.

In Season 12, Riot Games completely replaced Prestige points and Gemstones in LoL with Mythic Essence in the new Mythic Shop, creating a consolidated system and in-game currency for players to obtain exclusive Prestige and Hextech skins.

The Mythic Shop has a monthly rotation of new and old Prestige skins and a selection of Hextech skins available for purchase with Mythic Essence.

Players are now slamming the reworked shop for being too “greedy.”

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League players call out Riot for Mythic Shop

Reddit user ATUKO posted on May 14 to the League subreddit and said, “The way that Lunar Eclipse Prestige Senna was handled was absolutely ridiculous.”

The post instantly shot to the top of the Reddit and in it, they detailed their frustrations around Senna’s new Prestige skin.

ATUKO said, “Only in the shop for about two weeks, with no active pass to even be able to earn her. The only communication we had on her being available for that long was through a Rioter’s Twitter account.”

The Redditor also went on to say that Riot Games are pushing a “FOMO tactic” in order to get players to spend tons of cash on capsules to get the new Mythic Essence for skins with extremely limited availability.

League players again were irked on May 14 after Product Lead at Riot Ken Adams revealed the company would no longer share which champions are set for Prestige skins in the future, a practice they’ve done for years now.

The Reddit post for the news also gained massive traction and one user explained why it’s bad for LoL fans: “I think personally this is incredibly dumb, now you have to save up 125 Mythic Essence and wait for leaks to hopefully announce your main is getting a prestige skin.”

Without knowledge of which champions are getting exclusive skins, players could end up holding onto their Mythic Essence forever, or be encouraged to spend way more when their champion eventually does get a cosmetics drop.

Although creating Mythic Essence did consolidate the process into just one currency, fans are worried Riot isn’t giving players a fair shot at the game’s most sought-after skins.

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