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Nami mains worried new League visual update will unintentionally nerf enchanter

Published: 13/May/2022 20:07

by Lawrence Scotti


League of Legends developer Riot Games teased a VFX update for Nami, the Tidecaller. While players were thrilled that the support champion is getting some love, mains of the enchanter have pointed out one specific change they aren’t fans of.

Nami has had a resurgance in Season 12 as one of the most popular supports in League of Legends. Pairing her in the bot lane with Lucian has completely taken over pro play, quickly becoming one of the mos lethal duos in the MOBA.

Now, Riot have announced that Nami is next in line for a huge visual update in the company’s effort to improve visual clarity on Summoner’s Rift.


Riot Games
Nami was released in LoL back in 2012.

Nami mains worried about visual update

The update, announced on May 10, brings a ton of effect changes to all of her water-based spells.

The most noticeable change for Nami is her ultimate ability, Tidal Wave, which now sports a much darker shade of blue in its animation. On top of that, her W ability, Ebb and Flow, sports a much more colorful bouncing water effect.

Despite being thrilled their main was getting modernized animations, players were worried that Nami’s Q ability, Aqua Prison, could suffer due to the new visual effect on the spell.

Aqua Prison already has a long cast time, making it difficult to land on opponents an stun them. Nami mains saw the old animation as a benefit that it was difficult to tell where it was going to land.


Now, with an obvious landing spot, they believe opposing players will be able to dodge it much easier.

nami q league of legends
Riot Games
Nami’s new Q animation has a much more obvious landing spot.

One player said under the SkinSpotlight video of the update: “I like the changes (could be better, that’s true), but I think Nami’s main players will hate it, since her Q is much more visible than before.”

“This is kind of an indirect nerf to her,” another noted. “I like how the old indication of where the bubble will land isn’t as easy to see. It makes her hard to hit skillshot catch people off guard. Now it’s a huge warning sign and it’ll make her bubble even harder to hit.”


nami youtube comments
Riot Games, SkinSpotlights
League players are concerned about the Nami visual update.

The changes are live yet, and Riot still has the chance to appease players concerns over the new Q visuals on her base skin.

Here are all of the skins getting an effects update:

  • Base
  • Koi
  • River Spirit
  • Urf the Nami-tee
  • Deep Sea
  • SKT T1
  • Project

There is no official release date for the VFX update, but look for it to launch when Patch 12.10 drops on May 25.

Hopefully, for Nami mains sake, Riot makes sure that the enchanter doesn’t receive an unintended nerf.