League players have one major concern about new Porcelain skins

Theo Burman
Porcelain Amumu in League of Legends

League of Legends players are finally getting a look at the new batch of Porcelain skins, and while they look amazing, there’s one issue that some players can’t get past.

The Porcelain skins are back after a two-year-long hiatus, and they’re giving a lot of love to some champions who need it. Sure, there’s another MF skin and another Irelia skin in there, but the Legendary Aurelion Sol skin and the prestige version for Kindred make up for the popular champs.

The signature blue-white designs have been extremely well received, as have the splash arts, but one detail about the skins is giving players pause for thought. Every big sound effect invokes the breaking of china, and for some players, that’s a bit too loud and uncomfortable.

League players worried that new Porcelain skins are “too loud”

The biggest concerns came with the Legendary Aurelion Sol skin and the Miss Fortune skin, both of which have large AOE abilities that need big sound effects. Still, they sounded off to some of the player base.

One player said: “I’m just saying do not use this skin line if you’re hearing impaired like me lol. Holy f*ck my ears hurt.”

Another commented that “the sound effects are too loud in general. I’m not hearing impaired, but even I found all the sound effects for each skin awful to listen to and disruptive in general.”

“That Miss Fortune ult really left a scar in my ear. It sounds like metal pipes falling down a skyscraper.”

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