LoL RP vendor begs players to stop taking out loans for $450 Faker skin

Carver Fisher
league of legends ahri faker hall of fame

The owner of lolrpshop claims that many of his customers are taking out loans to purchase the Faker skin bundle worth about $450 in RP, and he’s begging them not to put themselves in debt.

This skin bundle has been a hot topic in the League community, with many calling the price point a “scam” and claiming Riot Games is price gouging.

While players could vote with their wallets and choose not to buy the bundle, it seems that the Faker devoted are dishing out the cash to grab the highest tier of his skin bundle, even though they can’t buy the skins in-game just yet.

This hasn’t stopped some players from mass-banning Ahri in their matches as another form of protest.

Starlight, the owner of a third-party shop that sells RP, claims that several of his customers have taken out loans to get enough RP to buy the Hall of Legends skin bundle when it launches.

Hall of Legends Ahri skin

It’s a bit cheaper to get your hands on RP from his shop due to some regional loopholes via gift codes, but getting 60,000 RP still costs around $341. That number is still a hefty price, and some people are willing to take out a loan to pay it according to the site’s owner.

“Can you guys stop taking out loans to buy the Ahri skin I don’t want to put you in debt,” he pleaded. “Legit every 2nd order is with a loan agreement.”

He further claimed many of his customers were buying RP with 3-6 month payment agreements with interest, something he doesn’t recommend doing.

Starlight went on to disable the built-in interest payment system on his site. He claims this led to him receiving angry emails from customers who weren’t able to drop hundreds of dollars on RP.

“I turned off loan agreements and people are instantly sending emails asking why they can’t take out loans to buy RP….” he said.

Though there’s been a great deal of criticism aimed at Riot for the pricing of this skin bundle, it’s clear they knew players would be willing to buy it.