League of Legends skin concept makes Jinx even deadlier with awesome Steel Valkyrie design

Riot Games

The League of Legends community has a knack for giving their favorite champions incredible redesigns, and a new mock-up for Jinx gives her the perfect introduction to the Steel Valkyries universe.

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Riot Games have an incredible Steel Valkyries skin line featuring the likes of Morgana, Kayle, and Miss Fortune, to name a few. But a huge omission to that universe has been filled with one artist’s take on the game’s Loose Cannon who’s now equipped with a state-of-the-art exo-suit.

Concept artist Walther ‘Nebura’ Sorg debuted a complete look into a Bullet Reaper Jinx design that gives the popular ADC a futuristic high-tech suit and her trusted weapons Pew-Pew and Steelbone a mind of their own.

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Walther Sorg ArtstationSorg’s design even included how the character might look on the Rift.

In their design, Jinx trades in her regular wardrobe for a gradient combat suit more in line with the experimental military designs from others in the Steel Valkyrie timeline.

Her weapons also got a matching upgrade and, according to Sorg, the skin would also incorporate unique voice lines depending on which of her two armaments she’s carrying since “each gun has a different personality.”

Walther Sorg ArtstationThe full look into Bullet Angel jinx.
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Jinx’s abilities would also be getting tweaked with Sorg’s concept, with her Chomper traps and Super Mega Death Rocket getting a high-tech makeover that perfectly ties together the Bullet Angel design.

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The champion’s W ability would also be getting a fresh take with the skin, switching up the regular Zap with a wrist-mounted blaster to slow down enemies.

Walther Song ArtstationThe design’s concepts for Jinx’s Ultimate along with her other abilities.

The League of Legends community are no slouch with awesome skin designs

Fan-created skins have come a long way in League of Legends. From slight tweaks to in-game characters, to completely overhauled looks that completely change the champion’s design.

Making an incredible fleshed out design like Sorg’s is no easy feat. There are tons of elements that can go into making a great skin, like how Riot Games showed when creating Invictus Gaming’s personalized World Championship skins.

Walther Sorg ArtstationThe concept artist even gave Bullet Angel Jinx different chromas to change up her style even more.

Sorg’s design is easily one of the cleanest to come out from the community in a while and would be a terrific fit for the alternate reality that it’s based off.

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While it’s unknown if Riot will be adding Jinx to the Steel Valkyries any time soon, they definitely have a good contender in Sorg’s design if they ever decide on going that direction.