How Invictus Gaming personalized their League of Legends World Championship skins

Riot Games

Riot Games have revealed what went into the making of the Invictus Gaming 2018 World Championship skins.

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As well as the lion’s share of the prize pool and the opportunity to lift the Summoner’s Cup, League of Legends World Champions are also immortalized in the game itself with a set of skins representing their victory.

The championship skins for Worlds 2018 are now available for purchase in-game, and Riot Games have also released a look into the process of their creation.

Riot GamesInvictus Gaming won the 2018 World Championship in emphatic fashion.
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Invictus Gaming’s World Championship skins

In 2018, Invictus Gaming made history by becoming the first team from China’s LPL to win the World Championship, sweeping aside Fnatic in the grand finals.

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Shortly after their victory, the team were asked to select the champions they wanted their skins for, one for each of the six players on the victorious squad. The team opted for the following champions.

  • Fiora – TheShy
  • Irelia – Duke
  • Camille – Ning
  • LeBlanc – Rookie
  • Kai’Sa – JackeyLove
  • Rakan – Baolan

As well as being able to choose the champions, however, Invictus were also asked for input on the style of their skins.

Riot GamesThe poster for iG’s World Championship skins.

Apparently, the Invictus Gaming squad had two primary requirements for their skins’ themes – they wanted a “dark and edgy” aesthetic, and for the skins to follow a “fallen angel” theme.

The players also gave feedback at various stages of the creation process, weighing in on the color scheme and also requesting that the champions’ wings – which were a feature the players wanted for all of their champions, despite most not typically having wings – be more prominent.

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The players were also able to ensure some personal touches were included in their skins. For TheShy’s Fiora skin, for instance, the recall animation sees her trying unsuccessfully to pull Riven’s sword from a stone, a nod to TheShy’s favorite champion that he has unfortunately rarely been able to play in professional matches.

The Invictus Gaming championship skins are now available on the League of Legends store for 1350 RP each. They can also be purchased in “Signature Edition” sets for around 2700 RP each, which also come with an icon signed by the player whose skin it is.

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Those fans wishing to get the full set can also purchase the entire Invictus Gaming signature edition collection, currently available for a massive 16,176 RP – more than $100 worth.