Caitlyn Star Guardian skin would be perfect for League of Legends

The League of Legends’ Star Guardians skin collection is one of the games more popular entries, but the glaring omission of Caitlyn led to one incredibly talented artist to create their own rendition.

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Riot Games initially released the Star Guardians with Poppy, Janna, Lulu as well as Jinx, and has since grown to include six more popular champs.

Though the selection still doesn’t include the Sheriff of Piltover, concept artist Erai Violett put together an insanely detailed view of how they think think Caitlyn would fit into the Star Guardian line.

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Violett’s concept adorns Caitlyn in traditional Star Guardian garb, whose color scheme fit right in between Lux’s pink and Janna’s purple outfits.

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As a Star Guardian, Caitlyn is accompanied by her celestial familiar Eva. Even though Eva tends to take the shape of a cat, during battle Caitlyn’s companion turns into the primary weapon for the Star Guardian to use.

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Erai ViolettThe concept art for a Star Guardian Caitlyn would easily fit into the game.

Speaking of, Caitlyn’s hextech rifle received an updated look that equips it with a white-colored body and gold trim. The gun seamlessly matches with the main character model, and makes brings the whole champion together.

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As with the rest of the Star Guardian line, Caitlyn brings a certain grace to the battlefield wearing a starry high-waisted skirt. Violett went through numerous concepts for Caitlyn’s overall outfit, but landed on one that goes well with the style of the other Guardians.

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It wouldn’t be surprising to see Riot Games come out with another set of skins to the collection, but if they do, it seems as Violett’s Caitlyn would be a great addition to the team.