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Legendary LoL player PraY returns following extremely short retirement

Published: 20/May/2019 9:10 Updated: 20/May/2019 9:38

by Joe O'Brien


Legendary AD Carry Kim ‘PraY’ Jong-in has returned to competition following a brief “retirement” from professional League of Legends.

PraY is set to play for KT Rolster in the upcoming LCK Summer split, which will kick off on June 5. He hasn’t competed since 2018, having departed Kingzone DragonX at the end of the year and declining to sign with another team for 2019 Spring.

His official “retirement” came much more recently, however, with PraY announcing towards the end of April 2019 that his career as a player was over, stating that “saying I’m not playing professionally anymore means that I will have no chance of going back to that stage.”

Exactly one month later, however, PraY has already ended his retirement, as the first new signing for a KT Rolster squad that struggled in LCK Spring.

Riot GamesPraY lifting the LCK trophy after winning LCK Spring 2018 with KingZone DragonX.

Despite coming off a victory in LCK Summer 2018, KT Rolster’s underwhelming performance at the 2018 World Championship – a top-eight finish following a loss to eventual champions Invictus Gaming – precipitated major roster changes for 2019.

The overhaul didn’t have the desired results, however, as KT fell from championship contender to fighting to avoid relegation after finishing the Spring Split in ninth place with a 4-14 record.

KT Rolster were able to fend off relegation, but now look to reestablish themselves among the upper echelons of the LCK heading into 2019 Summer.

One of the more decorated players to have never played in Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok’s SK Telecom T1, PraY is a three-time LCK champion, best known for his time with the ROX Tigers and Kingzone, formerly Longzhu, throughout which he was regarded as one of the best AD Carries in the world.

KT will be hoping that the addition of PraY will help shore up weaknesses in the bot lane that were identified as one of the team’s primary issues in spring.

KT Rolster’s full current roster:

  • Hwang ‘Kingen’ Seong-hoon – Top
  • Song ‘Smeb’ Kyung-ho – Top
  • Go ‘Score’ Dong-bin – Jungle
  • Eom ‘UmTi’ Seong-hyeon – Jungle
  • Gwak ‘Bdd’ Bo-seong – Mid
  • Byun ‘Gango’ Se-hoon – Bot
  • Jeon ‘Zenit’ Tae-gwon – Bot
  • Kim ‘PraY’ Jong-in – Bot
  • No ‘SnowFlower’ Hoi-jong – Support
League of Legends

Riot reveal FPS fixes and nerfs coming in League Wild Rift update

Published: 24/Oct/2020 12:17

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games has revealed a major set of changes coming to the League of Legends Wild Rift beta, including some FPS fixes, nerfs, and more to be added in future updates.

The hype for League of Legends Wild Rift is continuing to build following the release of the beta, on September 16, and with more events for Riot’s mobile game now taking place, such as the recent Verizon Invitational, players are eager to experience the game for themselves.

While it is yet to be released in all regions, Riot has now confirmed some big changes that they will be hoping to add to the MOBA in the upcoming patches. Here’s what you need to know.

Wild rift gameplayWild Rift’s open beta is now live in select regions.

Riot reveal FPS fixes and nerfs for League Wild Rift

After the first few weeks of action on League’s mobile title, Riot revealed they would be making some “quality-of-life fixes” in-game, which have been heavily requested by players so far.

Among the future changes is an option for players to toggle between 30 and 60 frames per second (FPS) on all devices, to help improve the performance of the game.

In their announcement on October 24, the Wild Rift devs confirmed that the FPS option would be added to the game “in a few days,” meaning that players who are struggling with performance issues won’t have much longer to wait.

Some of the other fixes include nerfs to Xin Zhao, a champion who has quickly risen to the top of the Wild Rift meta, with Riot confirming changes to tone down the jungler in early November.

They also revealed that they would be adding a patch, in December, to help those experiencing issues with joysticks and controllers on Wild Rift.

While some of these changes are still a few weeks away, Wild Rift just released plenty of new content with their first patch on October 23, bringing in new champions such as Kai’Sa, Draven, Darius, and more.

They have also announced the release dates for the European and North American beta, confirming that they will be looking to bring the mobile title to even more regions before the end of 2020.