League of Legends Patch 13.10 brings about bizarre Zoe bug even Riot didn’t think of

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The most recent patch 13.10 for League of Legends brought about plenty of item changes, alongside a new Zoe bug even Riot didn’t think of.

Riot’s major mid-season patch for League of Legends made some significant changes to the ever-popular MOBA. With several items receiving reworks and older items returning to the game, players have been testing out different interactions and itemization strategies to find what works best.

ADC items received the largest reworks, with Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Infinity Edge moving into the Mythic slot, whilst both Kraken Slayer and Immortal Shieldbow moved down to Legendary items instead. However, assassin items also received some changes, one of the more notable ones being that Prowler’s Claw lost its active ability, and was moved down to a legendary.

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Prowler’s Claw previously allowed a user to dash through a target enemy champion and increases the damage you deal to them. Patch 13.10 has since removed this unique ability, but it appears Riot forgot about a certain spell-slinging Champion in the process.

Strange interaction with Zoe and reworked Prowler’s Claws remains in League of Legends

The Targon mage Zoe has one of the most unique abilities in the game, her W: Spell Thief allows her to pick up various summoner spells and active items for herself. One such item Zoe is able to pick up was Prowler’s Claw, even though the active part of the item doesn’t exist.

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This has resulted in some rather bizarre interactions for Zoe players. As shown by Vandiril, Zoe can still use Prowler’s Claw albeit in a slightly different manner than originally intended. When hovering over the item description on the W, the text reads strangely with code strewn throughout it.

Alongside this, Zoe can no longer use the Prowler’s Claw on enemy champions. Instead, she can use the active item on allied and neutral units as well as enemy minions. This is rather strange as this is the exact opposite of what the active could be used on prior to the changes.

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Fortunately, the active ability doesn’t deal damage like it previously did, meaning Zoe players can’t murder their allies. However, it does beg the question as to how a bug like this was not thought of by someone at Riot.

The League of Legends Zoe bug is still in the game at the moment. However, but it is likely Zoe will receive an update to her W’s item pool in the near future.

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