League of Legends Milio guide: Best builds, runes, tips & tricks

Josh Tyler
Milio guide

Here is our guide to the newest League of Legends champion, Milio, who offers a new take on Enchanters and is a great entry point for beginner players.

Milio may have the title of “The Gentle Flame” but there’s been nothing gentle about how he has broken the rules of League of Legends with his ridiculous buffs.

He’s not burning everything in front of him like Brand or Shyvana, but instead Milio is lighting the way for his allies to victory and setting them up a nice, cozy campfire to sit around when they get there.

Here is everything you need to know about Milio so that you can dominate in your ranked games!

milio skin splash art
Here are the best builds for Milio.

Best runes for Milio

As an enchanter support, Milio specs quite well into the Sorcery tree, particularly with the Summon Aery keystone, as this can add power to both Milio’s poke abilities and his shields and heals.

Within the Sorcery tree, Milio’s most common rune setup includes Transcendence, which will allow him to max out on ability haste quickly, and also lets him have some more flexibility in his item build. Manaflow Band is also a staple for Milio to keep him topped off on mana. Finally, Sorch is the most effective third-tier Sorcery rune, since it maximizes Milio’s trading potential in the laning phase.

In the secondary tree, it’s common for Milio players to go Resolve to get Bone Plating and Revitalize. Revitalize makes a ton of sense, as it boosts his heals and shields even more. Bone Plating should be your go to against engage-heavy melee champions just in case you get engaged on, while Revitalize is much stronger against poke lanes.

Milio’s most common rune page

However, an alternative option is to go for the Inspiration secondary tree and get access to Biscuit Delivery and either Cosmic Insight or Future’s Market. Biscuits are really helpful for lane sustain, and Cosmic Insight is a nice-to-have for the ability and item haste. Meanwhile, Future’s Market is good for if you’re learning the champion and still getting a feel for how much gold you need to hit power spikes via item purchases.

For stat shards, Milio takes ability haste, adaptive force, and armor, but those can be swapped around if the enemy team is a heavy-AP comp, for instance.

Best items for Milio

Milio’s itemization in the early game is pretty straightforward. He loves getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity early so he can spam out his poke and heals to give himself and his AD Carry a chance to win the laning phase.

His Mythic item is almost always Shurelya’s Battlesong, which will give both his ally and himself movement speed whenever he empowers them with his abilities. Its active will also give his team a tool to engage a fight, which he cannot do himself, or let them flee a fight.

With regards to the Legendary items, though, this is where players can begin to diverge a bit.

An example of a build for Milio

Although Ardent Censer is the most common second item built, for its increased healing and shielding, a lot of pros have been building Chemtech Putrifier third. It makes sense to add Grievous Wounds to your team because by the time supports are getting their second item, most carries are picking up some form of omnivamp.

Another common second item and strong third item choice has been Redemption, to maximize the healing Milio can do in teamfights even after he is dead.

Finally, another option for that third item, though far less common, is Mikael’s Blessing. This would obviously be ideal when facing a team with a lot of hard crowd control and playing with an ADC who didn’t take cleanse. However, this is often redundant since your ultimate ability gives you the same cleanse effect for your whole team.

How to play Milio in League of Legends

In lane, Milio has a fairly obvious trading pattern: use your Q on the minion wave so that it bounces up and can splash down on your enemy’s head. If Q hits, you can follow up by using E on yourself to gain a shield which will allow you to proc one of your empowered auto attacks.

Another common trading pattern in laning phase is to combine your W’s longer range and shielding yourself with E to get a quick proc of that empowered attack from farther range. You can also do this with your ADC if the two of you are able to coordinate properly.

In teamfights, it’s actually better to use Milio’s Q as a kiting/disengage tool. It’s particularly good for peeling off divers and assassins if you’re able to time it correctly.

Finally, Milio’s ultimate is not just good for cleansing Amumu ults and other AoE abilities, it’s also a fairly powerful heal in its own right, and it can often be used to bait in enemies to engage on your team and waste their big abilities.

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