Milio’s abilities are breaking the rules of League of Legends

Carver Fisher
Milio is breaking League of Legends

One of Milio’s abilities increases his allies’ attack range, and players have already found ways to use that attack range in ways that are breaking the game.

It isn’t exactly rare to see a game-breaking bug in League of Legends. With the amount of new champions, items, and mechanics that get implemented in the game regularly, some stuff is bound to break here and there no matter how much internal and PBE testing is done.

Aurelion Sol’s release, for example, was riddled with game-breaking bugs that gave him power far beyond the intended scope of his kit. Milio’s breaking the game in his own way, but his kit is working as intended.

League of Legends players have already found some ways to take advantage of his bonus attack range to do things that no other champion can, and it’s making him fairly frustrating to play against so far.

Crafty League of Legends players break the game with Milio

Vandiril has a history of finding bugs and pushing in-game mechanics for League of Legends to their absolute limit. This time, he’s figured out that Milio’s bonus attack range allows for ADCs to land auto attacks on targets far beyond their normal range limits.

Rather than sieging towers in a normal way, Milio’s range increase on his W is letting ranged champions hit towers from over the wall next to them. Having a way for certain ADC champions to hit towers over walls outright breaks the rules of League of Legends, and could cause some big issues if left as-is.

It’s important to keep in mind that this video clip shows champions that all have ways to enhance their range beyond what’s normally possible within their kits. However, it isn’t exactly hard to access things like Jinx’s bonus range on her rockets and Kog’Maw’s extra range on his W.

This extra range gives ADCs a whole slew of new opportunities to do things like comfortably attacking epic monsters, such as Baron and Dragon, from over walls and harassing opponents under their towers where they’d normally be safe.

The League of Legends community is already memeing this character’s range, and for good reason. If unchanged, it’ll give him a toolset that breaks the established rules of League of Legends and allows for some shenanigans that could be incredibly difficult to balance around.

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