Best Junglers in League of Legends for patch 13.10 (2023)

Carver Fisher
Best junglers League of Legends patch 12.23

The patch 13.10 changes have slingshotted assassin junglers right back into the meta, with some tank junglers sticking around as solid picks to counter them. Here are the best junglers on LoL patch 13.10.

In an attempt to make the jungle a little simpler, League of Legends Season 13 included a vast, nearly bewildering variety of changes. It’s also a little more complicated because there are new jungle pets to consider and an entirely new collection of jungle items, even though it is simpler in certain aspects.

What’s more, jungle isn’t as cut-and-dry as some of the other roles in League of Legends. For a role like ADC, most champions play the same role on the team: damage, and a lot of it. We have a guide to the best ADCs in League of Legends as well if being your team’s main damage dealer at all times sounds appealing to you.

The jungle meta is evolving quickly, but it appears that a wave of nerfs recently has shaken up the jungle meta. It’s still tank focused, but a different set of tanks have entered the meta. What’s more, there are a few viable carries here as well.

Season 13 jungling doesn’t feel quite as impactful as prior seasons, but it’s still a role that can hard carry the game if you put your team ahead early. If you’re willing to go through the learning curve of jungle pathing, gank timing, and vision control that many other roles don’t require, jungling can be a great way to climb in ranked. That said, picking the best champion for the job will help you immensely.

Here are the best junglers in League of Legends patch 13.10.


Who is the best jungler in League of Legends?

With jungle having so many drastic differences in comparison to what it was before Season 13, people are still figuring out what’s strong in the jungle. As such, the best junglers in the game have drastically shifted. The role has had a historic upheaval, one that’s left a many junglers from the previous meta like Graves and Viego in the dust. Not to mention, some champions that were previously thought to be non-viable junglers are now at the top of the table.

The best jungler on League of Legends patch 13.8 based on win rate is Mordekaiser at 52.72%. Though he’s been out of the meta for a bit, the few players who are still putting this champion in the jungle have an incredibly high winrate. Nocturne trails him closely at a 52.55% win rate but a much higher pick rate, making that champion a bit more of a consistent presence.

The most picked jungler is Lee Sin with a 12.3% pick rate, closely followed by Kayn with an 10.9% pick rate and Kha’Zix at 10.6%.

Best jungle companion

Jungle companions add a whole new component to the jungle. They incentivize players to farm up as best they can in order to evolve these little guys into their final form, providing some useful buffs. And there’s a clear standout that’s stronger than its counterparts in most situations.

Mosstomper is the best jungle companion you can buy in most situations. The shield is great for buffering some of the damage you’ll take upon trying to initiate a gank, or for forcing a 1v1 against the enemy jungler. Additionally, the 20% Tenacity and Slow Resist make ganking lanes that much easier.

Compared to the other two items, this one is just incredibly strong. Especially if you’re just getting started with the jungle role and you’re trying your hand at a champion you aren’t familiar with.

That said, there are still some champions that really benefit from Scorchclaw.

For junglers who severely lack CC, Scorchclaw is a great option. Its passive can be a little unwieldy at first considering the requirement to stack up that slow, but the payoff is worth it if it ends up being the difference between getting a good gank off and not. It’s worth experimenting with if you’re having trouble pulling off ganks, but it certainly shouldn’t be your go-to.

And then there’s Gustwalker. Its movespeed bonus passive may seem to be a bit weaker than the other two companions that have a bit more tangible stat bonuses, but it’s really strong for junglers who want to try and scale into the late game and clear quickly.

That said, it’s not that great on gank-heavy junglers who are more focused on killing the opponent than clearing. Gustwalker has much more payoff on champs like Bel’Veth and Master Yi than gankers like Elise and Jarvan.

For the few that can really abuse the bonus movement speed and play around bushes, this item is a game changer. Only buy Gustwalker with a goal in mind for the item. Otherwise, it’s just a worse option than the other two companions in many cases.

When should you pick carry junglers?

Carry junglers are for those willing to take over the game. If you’re confident in your mechanics, your ability to clear jungle consistently while still impacting the map, and your ability to win the game for your team in the late game, carry junglers are for you.

That said, late game is key here. Pro players can get away with picking junglers like Lee Sin and Nidalee that fall off in the later stages of the game because their teams are highly coordinated and know how to end matches quickly. Not to mention, playing carries in the jungle is an uphill battle in the current meta, and tanks are often much easier to win games on.

For most ranked games, your teammates will make mistakes and throw games by getting picked off at the worst possible times. Not to mention, with clearing the jungle being easier and more accessible than ever, scaling champions seem to be taking over the meta. Climbing is much more consistent on late-game oriented champions, and that’s what we’ll be recommending you as far as carry champions go.

Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn has come back in a big way for Season 13. With so many of her downsides being removed by the jungle changes made in the pre-season, Eve’s been running wild in the jungle. Once she gets through her first few clears and gets her passive and ultimate at level 6, getting the snowball rolling with this champion is easy. Especially in low MMR games.

If you’re trying to get into the hard carry jungle playstyle, Evelynn is both mechanically simple and incredible effective. Players who don’t properly track the enemy jungler and buy Control Wards will have an incredibly difficult time playing against Evelynn, making her a great choice for stomping the opponent into submission.

While her ganks themselves aren’t all that subtle once she drops her W on someone, Evelynn’s raw DPS and one-shot potential make her incredibly powerful in the current meta.

When should you pick Evelynn?

Evelynn is good in most situations, but there are a few places where she excels. If there’s a hard carry on the enemy team that you could see taking over the game, Evelynn is the one of the best picks you can go for to shut them down.

Late game hypercarries like Vayne and Aphelios can be incredibly hard to deal with, but a fed Evelynn can make quick work of them if she’s able to sneak into the backline. She has some raw carry potential, sure, but Evelynn is really good at ruining someone’s day and getting out without a trace.

Her playstyle is very high risk/high reward proposition considering that Evelynn provides very little to a team other than her high burst damage, but a fed Eve can feel near-unstoppable in the hands of a player who understands how to position and go for the right targets.

Evelynn best build and runes in League of Legends

Eve’s rune page is entirely geared toward her goal of 1-shotting anyone who stands in her way. Electrocute will go off guaranteed when comboing someone, so that combined with the magic pen from Sudden Impact gives her a much needed boost when diving the backline. Eyeball collection helps her snowball as well. Relentless Hunter is a strong choice, but can easily be replaced by Treasure Hunter or Ingenious Hunter depending on your build path and how much you want to bank on being able to snowball the game.

Sorcery is a great go-to secondary. Absolute Focus gives her a huge damage amp when she’s sneaking into the backline, and Gathering Storm aids her ability to get harder and harder to deal with as the game goes on. Inspiration with Magical Footwear and Cosmic insight isn’t a bad choice either if you’re looking for a little more gold efficiency.

Eve’s build path is fairly straightforward, with some variation here and there. First off, if you see yourself finding some early kills and building a lead, build Dark Seal early on. It’s incredibly gold efficient, and stacking a Mejai’s will make you unstoppable. In the case that you can’t get the ball rolling with Mejai’s as your second item, going straight into Lich Bane or Shadowflame instead is the way to go.

For Mythic items, you’ll want either Hextech Rocketbelt or Night Harvester. While it is up to personal preference with these, Rocketbelt’s additional damage and extra chase potential makes it the better option more often than not. Other than that, Eve wants straight AP. Don’t be fooled into going for defense items if you get behind, this champion doesn’t bring enough to the table outside of damage to warrant a tank item. That said, Zhonya’s or Banshee’s Veil can be great semi-defensive options in a pinch.

Bel’Veth, the Empress of Solo Queue the Void

Bel’Veth is back with a vengeance. She had a stint of being one of the strongest (and most banned) solo queue junglers near her release and has since fallen to the wayside after the Season 13 jungle changes. The fact that farming and counter-jungling isn’t nearly as important as ganking in the new jungle has made it a bit more difficult to justify picking Bel’Veth.

Fortunately, she’s a tank shredder, and the recent slew of nerfs directed toward a whole slew of tank junglers has given Bel’Veth a new lease on life in solo queue. Riot’s balance team seems to be trying to move the jungle away from the current gank-heavy meta, and Bel’Veth will only get better as farming the jungle becomes more and more important.

If you’re looking for the best late-game scaler in the jungle, Bel’Veth is for you.

When should you pick Bel’Veth?

Bel’Veth is pretty universally strong. She struggles without a frontliner in some scenarios, sure, but the damage mitigation on her E allows her to survive in fights much longer than you’d think. She’s also pretty easy to build hybrid damage on considering she can build Wit’s End and has both true damage and magic damage in her kit.

Ultimately, there aren’t many times where Bel’Veth is a bad pick. She has a few really hard matchups like Rammus and Poppy, but she’s capable of outscaling most junglers in the game. It might be worth banning Rammus if you’re really committed to picking Bel’Veth, but she’s a pretty strong pick in most scenarios.

Bel’Veth best build and runes in League of Legends

Bel’Veth thrives in extended fights, so Conqueror is her go-to rune. Lethal Tempo can provide strong value in some scenarios, but Conqueror is much more consistent and reliable. Triumph, Coup de Grace, and Legend: Tenacity are all standard fare for bruiser-style champions like Bel’Veth, but some players have chosen to take Legend: Alacrity instead following the Tenacity nerfs. It’s up to personal preference.

Inspiration runes are great to take on a scaling champion like Bel’Veth. Magical Footwear and Future’s Market both help her hit those power spikes faster, something that’s essential with how expensive her build is. Bel’Veth doesn’t get much value out of item components but spikes really hard off of completed items, so learning how to play around her uneven spikes is essential.

Rushing into on-hit items is the way to go. If you’re behind or find yourself taking a lot of 1v1s, opt into Blade of the Ruined King before Kraken Slayer. Against tanks or when you’re playing with a lead, Kraken Slayer first is your best bet. Wit’s End should be your go-to third item choice unless the enemy team is either incredibly AD heavy or has an AD champion that’s carrying the game. In that case, build Death’s Dance or Guardian Angel.

Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare

Despite not having any recent buffs or nerfs, Nocturne has come back into the meta in a big way. Now that tanks who can CC chain him to death are less popular than they were at the beginning of Season 13, it’s the Eternal Nightmare’s time to shine.

That said, he isn’t building full damage like some other assassins in the jungle. He’s taken on the role of a skirmisher that opts into bruiser items that give him a ton of staying power in fights, and a lot of agency over games. If you get on top of the enemy ADC and they don’t get any help from their team, then they’re not going to have a good time.

If you’re looking for an oppressive jungler than can run the early game and get that snowball rolling for your team across the entire map, Nocturne is a great choice.

When should you pick Nocturne?

Nocturne is a great pick against very vulnerable laners. He struggles a bit against champions with reliable and efficient self-peel as well as champs with more than one form of hard CC. However, when picked against ranged poke champs like Varus, Viktor, or Jayce, he can ruin their day.

What’s more, it’s really difficult to get away from Nocturne thanks to his fear and the bonus movement speed on his Q. He’s also very strong when it comes to taking 1v1 trades, resulting in him being able to bully most junglers off of early objectives like River Scuttlers and Rift Herald.

Unfortunately, Nocturne doesn’t have the same teamfight capabilities as someone like Wukong. If late game hits and you don’t have a lead, it can be very difficult to find your way into 5v5s. Nocturne is for proactive players willing to find an advantage and force it all the way to the finish line. If you’re more into scaling for late game and 1v5ing, he might not be for you.

Nocturne best build and runes in League of Legends

Nocturne wants to take extended fights and chase down his opponent, so picking up Lethal Tempo is ideal. The ramping attack speed and bonus range on his autos is extremely useful and makes it a must-have on this champion. Triumph and Coup de Grace are pretty standard precision runes for any diver, and Alacrity helps make up for the fact that Nocturne’s best build doesn’t have a whole lot of attack speed.

Domination should be your secondary choice almost purely for Ultimate Hunter because of how useful it is on a champion like Nocturne who wants to use ult as often as possible, and Eyeball Collection is a nice-to-have for the bonus damage.

Nocturne’s build is heavily focused on keeping him alive while still giving him high damage output. This is where those attack speed runes come in handy; his build doesn’t have a whole lot of attack speed in it. However, Striderbreaker is a fantastic tool on this champion and allows you to chase down targets you wouldn’t otherwise be able to keep up with. Additionally, the recent Black Cleaver buffs gave it some great value as an item. Those two items together lets Nocturne outtrade almost any target.

From there, hybrid AD/protection items like Death’s Dance and Maw of Malmortius are great options. Edge of Night can also be a good pickup against CC heavy teams so you can spellshield two separate abilities when going for a dive.

Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver

Kha'Zix in League of Legends

Kha’Zix got back-to-back buffs in patches 13.7 and 13.8, buffs that have pushed him a bit over the line of balance and into being one of the highest win rate junglers on the current patch. Especially in high MMR. That said, playing him requires you to have an eye for when to counter-jungle and take fights against isolated opponents.

He isn’t a carry like Bel’Veth who can tear through a teamfight, or like Nocturne who can instantly disrupt a fight and stick to backline carries. Kha’Zix requires a bit more finesse and planning than some of the other strong assassins in League of Legends, but players who excel at this champion can run over their opponent.

When should you pick Kha’Zix?

Kha’Zix is at his best when you have a target in mind on the enemy team. He’s not great against most tank junglers, especially those that can keep him from diving the backline the way he wants to. Champions like Amumu and Maokai who are tanky and can keep single targets locked down for extended periods of time definitely make life harder for Kha’Zix in the later stages of the game.

To be clear, he doesn’t have any issues taking down tank junglers in a 1v1 if he’s ahead and has enough Lethality; problems arrive in teamfights. Kha’Zix is very fragile and easily zoned out of teamfights if you can’t get the drop on the enemy. As a result, picking Kha’Zix without having reliable frontline or initiation on your team can spell your doom come late game.

Kha’Zix best build and runes in League of Legends

Other than the rare Conqueror/Goredrinker bruiser Kha’Zix build that’s sometimes seen in high MMR, First Strike is your best option on the champion. He’s all about getting as much single-target damage out as possible in the least time, making the rune invaluable. Footwear, Future’s Market, and Cosmic Insight all have some nice-to-have utility as well. Meanwhile, Sudden Impact and Treasure Hunter aid his ability to snowball.

Kha’Zix’s best Mythic item is hotly contested. Some players prefer Duskblade or Prowler’s Claw, but Eclipse is the most versatile Mythic on the champion and holds by far the highest overall win rate. Rushing straight into Edge of Night gives Kha’Zix even more survivability while not sacrificing damage.

From there, Serylda’s into other AD/tank hybrid items tends to be idea. In a pinch, something like Silvermere Dawn can be stronger than Maw of Malmortius against strong CC. Your goal as Kha’Zix is to bomb the backline and tear apart teams trying to play front-to-back, so whatever can keep you alive while dealing as much damage as possible is probably strong to build.

Rengar, the Pridestalker

Rengar’s back in the meta for the first time since his bruiser build broke the meta a few years ago before his rework got reverted, and it’s all thanks to new Lethality options.

It’s worth mentioning that, while Rengar has earned his spot on this list, he’s also a bit incognito as a top-tier jungler. If you’re looking at win rates across all ranks for the average player, Rengar seems like a pretty low-tier character.

While this may be partially due to the high skill ceiling associated with properly utilizing Rengar’s combos and passive, it also has to do with players not quite knowing what to build yet. If you’re up for a challenge and want to learn how to take over matches and 1-shot the enemy ADC, give Rengar a shot.

When should you pick Rengar?

Ideally, Rengar should be picked when the enemy team has a squishy carry you really want to shut down. While most team compositions will have a carry champion they rely on for damage, compositions with backline peel will really keep you at bay. Enchanters like Janna and Lulu can stop you in your tracks if you don’t have enough damage to 1-shot before they can react, and tankier mid laners like Galio can give you a hard time.

However, Rengar is so strong with the current items that he can one shot almost any champion with enough of a lead and in the hands of a skilled player. At the time of writing, his win rate in lower ranks like Bronze and Silver is around 45%, increasing by almost 10% at up to 54% in high Diamond/Masters.

He’s not an easy champion, but he’s a damn good one.

Rengar best build and runes in League of Legends

First Strike is what you should be running every game on Rengar. The secondary runes on the Inspiration tree are nice to have and all, but it’s really all about First Strike. The bonus damage combined with the bonus gold gives Rengar the ability to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling as the game goes on. If you one-shot someone late game, you’ll basically double the amount of gold you get for a kill.

Your best bet for secondary runes is the combination of Sudden Impact and Relentless Hunter. Sudden Impact is a bit self-explanatory seeing as Rengar jumps all over the place with his passive, but Relentless Hunter tends to be a bit more useful than Treasure Hunter. With how much gold you’re making off of First Strike, the extra movement speed is just a bit more useful than trying to risk getting the Treasure Hunter bonus gold.

Before we get to items, it’s important to note that Gustwalker (the Blue jungle item) is a must-have on Rengar. Most of the time it’s an option you can go for, but it’s a necessity on Rengar. That bonus movement speed is invaluable.

Rengar’s build is one of the most all-in, one-dimensional builds in League of Legends. You want as much damage as possible as fast as possible. Youmuu’s into Essence Reaver will always be your first two purchases. And, while Rengar can’t take advantage of the mana aspects of ER, it’s the only item that gives him the Spellblade effect while maximizing his damage output.

From there, players can flex into a variety of crit items. Stormrazor is ideal for guaranteeing kills on squishy targets, while Lord Dom’s is great for shredding targets who opt for defense items like an early Zhonya’s Hourglass, for instance. Bloodthirster’s passive bonus AD is fantastic, but make sure you wait until 4th or 5th item to build it.

There are some viable defense items on Rengar, but they’re often not as useful as just building damage even if you’ve fallen behind. Rengar does one thing and one thing only: damage.

When should you pick tank junglers?

Tanks reign supreme in the current jungle meta, with all of the high win rate champions in solo queue being tanks. Their ability to keep themselves healthy in the jungle, take advantage of items that are strong in the current meta, and set up for their teammates makes tanky junglers favorable over carries. This has started to change a bit in recent patches but, as it stands, tanks are still the safest bet.

Champions like Rammus reign supreme in the jungle on the current patch, and can be picked in pretty much any scenario. Considering that top lane still favors carry champs and mid lane usually has a squishy mage or assassin, picking tanky junglers is almost guaranteed to give you better team comps and more draft wins than picking carries.

Winning without a frontliner can be difficult, and taking one for the team for the sake of creating a decent composition can sometimes be your best bet. You’ll still have somewhat of a carry role on the team, but a much larger margin of error than a typical all-in assassin and an essential role as someone who initiates fights.

Amumu, the Sad Mummy

Porcelain Amumu in League of Legends

Amumu isn’t typically a jungler that’s viable beyond low MMR. He’s a fairly easy champion to play mechanically, with his only skillshot being a pretty wide and easy to hit stun that instantly gets him into the fight. However, recent item changes combined with incentives to farm early have mitigated a lot of Amumu’s biggest obstacles to being played and have made him an incredibly strong jungler.

The strength of items like Demonic Embrace and Jak’Sho the Protean have allowed Amumu to outtrade most of his opponents by just having more raw stats. He’s also extremely hard to peel once he gets into the backline, and his lane-width stun on his ultimate destroys teamfights.

He’s easy, he’s strong, and he’s got a good balance of damage and tankiness. Amumu is a great, beginner-friendly jungler that, as of right now, is viable even up to the highest level of play.

When should you pick Amumu?

In the current meta, there really isn’t a bad time to pick Amumu unless your team is severely lacking attack damage. That’s a fairly rare occurrence in solo queue, though, making Amumu an incredibly strong pick.

That said, he’s a lot better when paired with people who can take advantage of his strong CC. Burst mages and assassins will love you if you pick Amumu. His setup is incredibly helpful for a champion like Lux who has long-range burst damage, and he’s great at setting up teamfights.

This may change if a hard Amumu counter is discovered but, at the time of writing, it’s really hard to conceive a bad time to pick this champion on patch 13.3.

Amumu best build and runes in League of Legends

Pros and casual players alike are a bit divided on the best way to build and play Amumu. He’s got two very different rune pages that are paired with two build paths that have entirely different goals in the game. So, this section will be separated his two builds so you can have the right build pairing for each rune page.

Build 1: Bruiser

The first build is more oriented toward putting out consistent damage in teamfights rather than setting up for your teammates. This is for those who want to impact fights through their damage output instead of CC and utility.

Conqueror is the driving force behind this build path, with Triumph, Legend:Tenacity, and Last Stand giving him staying power in teamfights. These are paired with Cheap Shot for the bonus damage and Treasure Hunter for snowballing through Amumu’s high gank potential. Swapping that out for Ultimate Hunter if you want a bit more late game scaling isn’t a bad choice.

Demonic Embrace should be your rush every game when taking conqueror. Amumu’s best mythic items don’t come with built-in damage, making Demonic a required rush if you want to take advantage of Conqueror. After that, Jak’Sho is your best bet as a core item. From there, going into tank items like Sunfire, Thornmail, Randuins, and Gargoyle’s Stoneplate are all situationally good. That said, if you’re looking for magic resist, Abyssal Mask is a best-in-slot item and should be taken almost universally over other MR options.

Build 2: Full tank

The second build is characterized by rushing Radiant Virtue ahead of your other items, forgoing damage output in exchange for teamfighting power and bulkiness.

Aftershock is meant to keep Amumu alive much longer in fights, with the raw damage mitigation making him nigh-impossible to kill if he lands his stun while engaging. Font of Life is geared toward aiding his teamfighting, Conditioning adds to his pool of protections, and Revitalize does well with Radiant Virtue. Inspiration secondary is the way to go after the Legend: Tenacity nerfs, with Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight providing a ton of value throughout the game.

Radiant Virtue is what these items are built around. Since Amumu’s ultimate is an absolute game-changer and a massive teamfighting tool, Radiant Virtue’s passive pairs well with this champion. Even after the 13.3 changes it’s a best in slot item.

Other than that, this build is pretty much the same as the other one beside the fact that you want to get Sunfire ASAP for some extra damage. It’s worth mentioning that Spirit Visage isn’t a bad choice in this build due to how well it synergizes with Abyssal Mask and Radiant Virtue, making it a great choice for your last item.

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Following a few buffs to his kit, Jarvan has shot up both the win rate and popularity charts and has emerged as a fantastic all-rounder in the jungle. He’s got initiation, he’s got burst, he’s got pretty strong clear, high mobility, strong gank potential, and pretty much everything you’d want out of a jungler.

Outside of a select few counter matchups, Jarvan IV is pretty much always a strong pick. He’s not exactly easy, but he’s fairly intuitive and easy to get the hang of. You won’t have to learn all of the intricate mechanics based around the way flash works with his Q/E combo to pick up the champion and nab yourself some easy wins.

If you’re looking to get into the role, Jarvan IV is worth a shot. He’s not a hard carry jungler, but that won’t matter if you get your team ahead with effective ganks and early skirmishes.

When should you pick Jarvan IV?

First-picking J4 isn’t a bad idea, honestly. His high popularity paired with his lack of direct counters makes him a pretty strong opener, and can allow for your team to get effective counter picks and draft winning lanes for themselves.

What’s more, champions like Poppy that have ways to really mess with Jarvan’s kit aren’t all that popular. He does have a hard time with 1v1s, so champions that scale hard late like Master Yi and Bel’Veth give him a hard time in lower MMR. However, if you’re playing Jarvan as an initiator and teamfighter, you won’t run into those issues too often.

As long as you’re playing to Jarvan’s strengths, he’s rarely a bad pick.

Jarvan IV best build and runes in League of Legends

While you’ll see some fringe First Strike builds on Jarvan that can capitalize on his relatively strong burst damage, Conqueror is your best bet most of the time. With his standard Mythic choice being Goredrinker and his identity as a champion being an initiator, he wants to get into the fight and stay in the fight as long as he can. Extra healing and true damage certainly helps with that. Triumph and Coup de Grace are standard fare Precision runes, and the choice between going for Tenacity or Alacrity for the Legend rune is up to personal preference.

Inspiration is a great secondary choice if you’re looking for runes that are good in any given scenario, and the value from Magical Footwear’s bonus movement speed and saving 300 gold on boots combined with Cosmic Insight’s cooldown reduction on Smite and Goredrinker is invaluable.

Build-wise, Jarvan wants Goredrinker ASAP for the extra sustain, health, ability haste, and camp clear. It has pretty much everything Jarvan needs. Building that directly into Black Cleaver gives J4 a ton of health, damage, and ability haste, and armor penetration. From there, hybrid AD and defense items tend to be the way to go. If you’re having a really hard time staying alive, something like Gargoyle’s Stoneplate or even Zhonya’s Hourglass can be a good choice.

Rammus, the Armordillo

Rammus in League of Legends

After a series of buffs, nerfs, buffs again, and now nerfs again, Rammus has come out on the other end of a novel’s worth of changes to be incredibly strong.

It’s hard to say how long he’ll be keeping his spot on the list, but, for now, Rammus is one of the highest win rate junglers in the game and is a great fit for the current gank-heavy meta. He also heavily counters carry junglers and ADCs, making him a great pick for ruining any carry’s game.

He certainly isn’t a carry champion, but Rammus can win the game via being an annoying, mechanically simple champion that wins games through being an absolute pain to deal with.

When should you pick Rammus?

Rammus is at his best against armor-stacking team compositions. He gets obliterated by AP junglers like Lillia and Mordekaiser, but is a great pick against stuff like Master Yi, Graves, Kindred, and Rengar.

In other words, first-picking Rammus can end in disaster. An enemy that knows how to properly counter this pick will put you in a tough spot, and you’re best off waiting until the enemy reveals most of their draft to pick Rammus. He’s the most niche jungler on this list for this reason.

However, his mechanical simplicity and fast movement speed makes any game winnable as this champion even if you aren’t in a position to directly counter the enemy team. Just be aware that his jungle clear is fairly slow, and that you’ll need to be actively ganking lanes to make the most of this champion.

Rammus best build and runes in League of Legends

Rammus is all about making himself unkillable by stacking as much armor as possible, and his runes reflect that. Aftershock, Conditioning, and Overgrowth all make it easier to do what Rammus does best, and Font of Life is great for early skirmishes and late-game teamfights. Triumph and Legend: Alacrity are must-haves for snowballing fights and giving Rammus some more attack speed. All he can really do while someone’s taunted is auto attack them, so having that extra attack speed makes a huge difference.

Rammus’ build is also pretty straightforward. Armor, armor, and more armor is his thing. If you’re ahead against an AD heavy team, rushing Sunfire before Jak’Sho isn’t a bad idea. Otherwise, getting Jak’Sho first into either Thornmail or Sunfire is a good choice. If you have to get MR early on, opt for Abyssal Mask to give yourself some extra sustain and bonus magic pen. Force of Nature is also a strong late-game magic resist option if you find yourself needing a bit more MR when you’re looking to buy your last item.

There you have it, the best junglers on patch 13.10. The Season 13 changes have really shifted things around, so these picks are subject to change and will be rapidly developing as the season unfolds. Make sure to check back regularly to see which junglers emerge as the best in their role.

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