Best Junglers in League of Legends for patch 13.1 (2023)

Best junglers League of Legends patch 12.23Riot Games

The pre-season jungle changes have brought their fair share of turbulence to the jungle over the past few months, and that certainly hasn’t settled down with Season 13’s arrival. Here are the best junglers on League of Legends patch 13.1.

With Season 12 coming to a close, this new year of League of Legends brings with it a vast, almost overwhelming set of changes intended to make jungle a bit easier. And, while it’s easier in some ways, there’s also some added complexity with new jungle pets to worry about and a whole new set of jungle items.

What’s more, jungle isn’t as cut-and-dry as some of the other roles in League of Legends. For a role like ADC, most champions play the same role on the team: damage, and a lot of it. We have a guide to the best ADCs in League of Legends as well if being your team’s main damage dealer at all times sounds appealing to you.

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The jungle meta is rapidly developing, with the best junglers in the game rapidly shifting from patch to patch. Almost none of the best junglers in Season 12 have stayed for Season 13, and, with constant rebalancing to get the numbers for the new jungle just right, champions have been swinging in and out of the meta.

For instance, Rammus was one of the best junglers in League of Legends on patch 12.23. On 13.1, he became the worst. It’s been rough being a jungler in Season 13 so far, but knowing which champion gets shuffled into the meta from patch to patch really helps. Make sure to check back when a new patch comes out to keep up with who you should be picking.

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Here are the best junglers in League of Legends patch 13.1.


Who is the best jungler in League of Legends?

With jungle having so many drastic differences in comparison to what it was before patch 12.22, people are still figuring out what’s strong in the jungle. As such, the best junglers in the game have drastically shifted. The role has had a historic upheaval, one that’s left a many junglers from the previous meta like Graves and Viego in the dust. Not to mention, some champions that were previously thought to be non-viable junglers are now at the top of the table.

As of January 13, 2023, the best jungler in League of Legends is Maokai with a win rate of 54.27%. Maokai had a resurgence following his buffs that came right before Worlds 2022, and he’s only gotten better since then. You should be picking or banning this jungler pretty much every game if you want free wins on patch 13.1.

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The most picked jungler is Sylas with a 10% pick rate, closely followed by Master Yi with an 8.9% pick rate and Maokai at 8.6%.

Best jungle companion

Riot Games

Jungle companions add a whole new component to the jungle. They incentivize players to farm up as best they can in order to evolve these little guys into their final form, providing some useful buffs. And there’s a clear standout that’s stronger than its counterparts in most situations.

Mosstomper is the best jungle companion you can buy in most situations. The shield is great for buffering some of the damage you’ll take upon trying to initiate a gank, or for forcing a 1v1 against the enemy jungler. Additionally, the 20% Tenacity and Slow Resist make ganking lanes that much easier.

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Compared to the other two items, this one is just incredibly strong. Especially if you’re just getting started with the jungle role and you’re trying your hand at a champion you aren’t familiar with.

That said, there are still some champions that really benefit from Scorchclaw.

For junglers who severely lack CC, Scorchclaw is a great option. Its passive can be a little unwieldy at first considering the requirement to stack up that slow, but the payoff is worth it if it ends up being the difference between getting a good gank off and not. It’s worth experimenting with if you’re having trouble pulling off ganks, but it certainly shouldn’t be your go-to.

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And then there’s Gustwalker.

Calling this item useless is a little disingenuous, but it pales in comparison to the other two options on most champions. This item certainly has its niche set of champions, but that exclusive little club gets a massive power spike with Gustwalker in comparison to the other jungle companions.

For the few that can really abuse the bonus movement speed and play around bushes, this item is a game changer. Only buy Gustwalker with a goal in mind for the item. Otherwise, it’s just a worse option than the other two companions.

When should you pick carry junglers?

Carry junglers are for those willing to take over the game. If you’re confident in your mechanics, your ability to clear jungle consistently while still impacting the map, and your ability to win the game for your team in the late game, carry junglers are for you.

That said, late game is key here. Pro players can get away with picking junglers like Lee Sin and Nidalee that fall off in the later stages of the game because their teams are highly coordinated and know how to end matches quickly.

For most ranked games, your teammates will make mistakes and throw games by getting picked off at the worst possible times. Not to mention, with clearing the jungle being easier and more accessible than ever, scaling champions seem to be taking over the meta. Climbing is much more consistent on late-game oriented champions, and that’s what we’ll be recommending you as far as carry champions go. With one exception.

Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn has come back in a big way for Season 13. With so many of her downsides being removed by the jungle changes made in the pre-season, Eve’s been running wild in the jungle. Once she gets through her first few clears and gets her passive and ultimate at level 6, getting the snowball rolling with this champion is easy. Especially in low MMR games.

If you’re trying to get into the hard carry jungle playstyle, Evelynn is both mechanically simple and incredible effective. Players who don’t properly track the enemy jungler and buy Control Wards will have an incredibly difficult time playing against Evelynn, making her a great choice for stomping the opponent into submission.

While her ganks themselves aren’t all that subtle once she drops her W on someone, Evelynn’s raw DPS and one-shot potential make her incredibly powerful in the current meta.

When should you pick Evelynn?

Evelynn is good in most situations, but there are a few places where she excels. If there’s a hard carry on the enemy team that you could see taking over the game, Evelynn is the one of the best picks you can go for to shut them down.

Late game hypercarries like Vayne and Aphelios can be incredibly hard to deal with, but a fed Evelynn can make quick work of them if she’s able to sneak into the backline. She has some raw carry potential, sure, but Evelynn is really good at ruining someone’s day and getting out without a trace.

Her playstyle is very high risk/high reward proposition considering that Evelynn provides very little to a team other than her high burst damage, but a fed Eve can feel near-unstoppable in the hands of a player who understands how to position and go for the right targets.

Evelynn best build and runes in League of Legends

Eve’s rune page is entirely geared toward her goal of 1-shotting anyone who stands in her way. Electrocute will go off guaranteed when comboing someone, so that combined with the magic pen from Sudden Impact gives her a much needed boost when diving the backline. Eyeball collection helps her snowball as well. Relentless Hunter is a strong choice, but can easily be replaced by Treasure Hunter or Ingenious Hunter depending on your build path and how much you want to bank on being able to snowball the game.

Sorcery is a great go-to secondary. Absolute Focus gives her a huge damage amp when she’s sneaking into the backline, and Gathering Storm aids her ability to get harder and harder to deal with as the game goes on. Inspiration with Magical Footwear and Cosmic insight isn’t a bad choice either if you’re looking for a little more gold efficiency.

Eve’s build path is fairly straightforward, with some variation here and there. First off, if you see yourself finding some early kills and building a lead, build Dark Seal early on. It’s incredibly gold efficient, and stacking a Mejai’s will make you unstoppable. In the case that you can’t get the ball rolling with Mejai’s as your second item, going straight into Lich Bane or Shadowflame instead is the way to go.

For Mythic items, you’ll want either Hextech Rocketbelt or Night Harvester. While it is up to personal preference with these, Rocketbelt’s additional damage and extra chase potential makes it the better option more often than not. Other than that, Eve wants straight AP. Don’t be fooled into going for defense items if you get behind, this champion doesn’t bring enough to the table outside of damage to warrant a tank item. That said, Zhonya’s or Banshee’s Veil can be great semi-defensive options in a pinch.

Elise, the Spider Queen

Riot Games

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, Elise is the sole exception to the late-game scaling trend on this list. Having a jungler in your champion pool that can bully the opposing jungler and create massive early-game leads is very valuable, and Elise is a great entry point for that playstyle.

She’s much easier from a mechanical standpoint than other gank-heavy junglers like Nidalee and Lee Sin once you get the hang of her combos. Not to mention, Elise’s nature as a % health shredding assassin rather than one with high base damage makes her one of the few assassins able to cleave through frontliners. The fact that she has a strong gank setup with her E is very helpful for easing into a more aggressive and confident jungling style than that of a late-game scaling champion that primarily wants to farm and gank where they can.

Picking Elise is an inherent risk. If you spend all your time farming, you’re going to fall behind your opponent and become irrelevant. However, if you can gank early, put your lanes ahead, and make the opposing junglers life a living nightmare, you’ll be able to dominate games.

When should you pick Elise?

Elise is the sort of jungler you pick in response to something else. While she can function in most matchups, using her to exploit junglers with a bad early game is ideal. Where a champion like Fiddlesticks requires good positioning and map awareness, Elise is the perfect champion to play spoiler and ruin his day.

Go in with a plan of where you’ll path in the early game. This requires some knowledge of lane matchup, but it’s worth it. For instance, if top-lane is a volatile matchup like Darius vs. Renekton, putting your top laner in the lead early can win the game for you.

Playing a champion like Elise will require you to analyze and predict which lanes on your team will win, where the jungler will try to gank, and how to catch the enemy unaware when they’re trying to farm. The Spider Queen was built from the ground up for pummelling the opposing jungler into submission and taking over the game.

Elise best build and runes in League of Legends

Elise runes

Elise’s runes are an all-in affair. Dark Harvest, Eyeball Collection, and Treasure Hunter are both oriented around building as big of a lead as fast as you can, with Sudden Impact helping with burst damage. Coup de Grace and Triumph are helpful to have in all those fights you’ll be forcing.

You may have noticed that these runes aren’t too strong from behind. If you’re not confident in taking an all-in approach to get ahead, then Elise may not be the champion for you. And that’s ok! Her high-risk, high-reward playstyle certainly isn’t for everyone.

Elise items

Elise’s items are all about utility. Night Harvester with Sorcerer’s Shoes is the move, with Hextech Rocketbelt being a viable Mythic if you’re having a hard time getting on top of the enemy. Shadowflame adds some base penetration, with Void Staff being a viable pickup against tanky team compositions.

Zhonya’s Hourglass and Banshee’s Veil are both great defensive options that give Elise a bit more staying power in teamfights, while Rabadon’s is a decent buy if you manage to somehow make it to 6 items. Ideally, most games will be done and dusted before you’re able to get your third item.

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman

Okay, bear with me. Yes, Master Yi is still a jungler that can pubstomp in low MMR games. He’s long held the position of the gold gatekeeper, a champion that can take over games if the enemy isn’t smart enough to draft in ways that counter him or CC him before he takes over the game.

However, something bizarre has happened with Master Yi since the pre-season started. Due to how much easier it is to clear, how much safer the early game is, and how much the jungle meta has shifted toward late-game scaling, Master Yi has become viable beyond low MMR. It’ll take some time to determine whether or not Master Yi is now a jungle viable at the absolute peak of competition, but he’s shaping up to be one of the best junglers at almost every rank in LoL.

Plus, patch 13.1 tossed Rammus right out of the meta, removing one of Yi’s biggest counters from the jungle pool. The door is open for Yi to take over.

When should you pick Master Yi?

Master Yi’s greatest enemy is hard CC. While he’s unaffected by slows in his ultimate, champions that can stop him in his tracks and keep him from carrying fights make him a useless champion. The only thing Master Yi can provide to his team is damage.

That said, Yi is great for the more PVE aspects of League. Objectives tremble in his wake. His kit-built true damage and raw DPS allow him to shred Drake and Baron faster than pretty much any champion in the game, and he’s fantastic for shredding tanks.

Against a team that has a great deal of lockdown and hard CC, Master Yi might not be the best pick. Otherwise, he can kill any target he wants and take over games if given enough time to scale. Bonus points if you can pair Yi with an Enchanter like Yuumi, Janna, or Taric.

Master Yi best build and runes in League of Legends

Master Yi is all about momentum. When it comes to raw DPS, this champion is hard to beat. As such, getting Lethal Tempo stacked up in a teamfight makes him an absolute menace. The bonus true damage built into his kit scales better with attack speed than it does with raw AD, and, with the items you want to build on Yi, maximizing the effectiveness of his on-hits is essential.

The rest of the precision tree helps him snowball his way through fights, doing the most damage possible and rewarding him for pushing forward rather than falling back. Meanwhile, the Domination tree grants Yi pretty much constant lethality late-game with how often his Q is up, and Eyeball Collection helps him snowball into a late-game hypercarry. Sudden Impact can be replaced with Treasure Hunter.

For Master Yi’s build, it’s important to remember to get Blade of the Ruined King before your Mythic. While Kraken Slayer is more DPS in most cases, the sustain, movement speed boost, and %HP shred on Blade of the Ruined King is consistently more effective than Kraken Slayer. Save that for your second item and go from there. The rest depends on just how durable you need to be. If you’re snowballing extremely hard, Guinsoo’s is a great choice.

If you’re dying too often, Wits End and Death’s Dance are great ways to make yourself a little more tanky against what’s killing you without losing DPS. You’ll want to get these items anyways, but when you buy them depends on how easy it is to stay alive in fights. Guardian Angel, or even a full-on tank item like Randuin’s can have a place on Master Yi if you’re really struggling.

When should you pick tank junglers?

On patch 12.22, tank junglers were set back by how much harder it was to sustain in the jungle compared to before the Season 13 changes went live. Changes on 12.23 have resolved that issue, and tank junglers have come out on top. While carry junglers are still very viable, tanks are at the top of the winrate charts and have been dominating games.

Champions like Rammus and Maokai reign supreme in the jungle on the current patch, and can be picked in pretty much any scenario. Considering that top lane still favors Ravenous Hydra champs and mid lane usually has a squishy mage or assassin, picking tanky junglers is almost guaranteed to give you better team comps and more draft wins than picking carries.

Winning without a frontliner can be difficult, and taking one for the team for the sake of creating a decent composition can sometimes be your best bet. You’ll still have somewhat of a carry role on the team, but a much larger margin of error than a typical all-in assassin and an essential role as someone who initiates fights.

Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant

It’s safe to say most players didn’t have Morde becoming one of the best junglers in the game on their Season 13 bingo card. He received some buffs to his clear midway through Season 12, and, while he briefly saw some play following the change, he didn’t change the meta by any means.

That has very quickly changed in Season 13. Some players are abusing Mordekaiser’s strength in the jungle to great effect. Mere days after patch 12.22 dropped, this champion was already at the top of the winrate charts for jungle and has maintained prominence even after a set of nerfs pointed at decreasing his jungle power level.

Even after some nerfs to his clear, Mordekaiser is still an incredibly strong jungler. He’s well worth learning and playing considering that not even a nerf to his jungle viability could keep him down. Not only is he mechanically easy and beginner-friendly, he’s also incredibly effective for carrying games.

When should you pick Mordekaiser?

Considering that Morde doesn’t lose many 1v1s and has strong late-game scaling in most scenarios, you can pick this champion whenever you want. The only issue that you may run into is overloading your team with AP damage, making it difficult to push down towers and diversify your damage types. But, even then, once Morde gets his hands on a Nashor’s Tooth, towers don’t last long.

Mordekaiser’s effectiveness lies in his ability to gank. Most junglers require a specific combo to pull off a successful gank, or they have to wait for the perfect moment to catch the opponent off guard.

Morde has a gank button. His ult is just one big gank.

Using Morde’s ult on someone puts them into isolation, allowing him to easily take 1v1 fights and win them with his outstanding DPS and trading potential. Additionally, this champion can very easily pick off the enemy jungler before objectives, taking that Smite fight for Baron from a coinflip to a near-guaranteed win. And, with the new jungle being more friendly to junglers who need level 6 to be effective, it’s much easier to get Morde to the point where he’s useful than it was before.

Mordekaiser best build and runes in League of Legends

Conqueror is a must-have on Mordekaiser. He excels at long, drawn-out fights and wants to get close to and stay close to his opponent. Conqueror’s healing and bonus damage pair well with Last Stand and Triumph for keeping him alive, while Tenacity gives him a bit more staying power in fights.

Beyond that, Inspiration as a secondary provides some great utility. Magical Footwear gives him some much-needed bonus movespeed when he needs it in teamfights and saves him some gold, while Cosmic Insight is always a strong choice on junglers with how often they use Smite.

It’s important to note that Rylai’s is up first. The slow from that item is an invaluable asset for this character, and, in most cases, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of its slowing capabilities than any Mythic item you could purchase.

From there, Jak’Sho should be your go-to even after the patch 13.1 nerfs. Jak’Sho’s passive stacks remain as long as Morde is in combat, meaning that he can take them into the Realm of Death if he stacks them before going in. Sunfire provides more damage than you’d think, while Spirit Visage works well with his built-in healing and shielding.

Udyr, the Spirit Walker

Udyr best build runes league of legends

Udyr is Riot’s latest visual and gameplay update (VGU) champion, and his kit has a lot more moving parts than it used to. That said, he’s still mechanically very simple. No skillshots, no range, and no dashes. On paper, Udyr is incredibly easy, and seems like a great champion for players trying to learn jungle.

In reality, Udyr is incredibly difficult to use against players who have knowledge of more advanced LoL concepts like kiting, spacing, and zoning. What does Udyr bring to the table if he lacks so much? Why would you pick Udyr over other tanky junglers?

His kit’s versatility makes him scale very well into the late game, however, and his speedy jungle clear has kept him relevant through patch 12.22’s massive set of jungle changes. Not to mention, it’s a big harder to sustain in the jungle these days. Udyr’s sustain on his W goes a long way in keeping him healthy at all stages of the game.

When should you pick Udyr?

Udyr may not have a leap or a dash, but he does have the next best thing: movement speed. Running away from this champion is something few can pull off. Between the movement speed, stun, and conditional CC immunity on his E as well as the massive slow on his R, the only thing that can stop Udyr is a literal wall.

Where other champions can juke with dashes, leaps, and teleports, Udyr only has his own two legs to get him out of trouble. With this restriction comes movement speed that scales through the game, hitting critical mass later on. Udyr is fast.

Champions like Trundle, Ashe, and Anivia who can consistently slow and zone Udyr make things difficult. But, if your goal is to focus down a low-mobility ADC or mid-laner, there are few better picks than the Spirit Walker.

Udyr best build and runes in League of Legends

The standard build

Udyr’s ability order is dependent on what you need most. While R is always maxed first with tank Udyr, E and W are both viable to max second. If you need the sustain and tankiness from W, go for that over E. If you need more movement speed, E is worth maxing second.

Udyr is all about sustained damage and staying in the fight as long as he can. Legend: Tenacity, Triumph, and Conquerer are all geared toward both keeping Udyr healthy and mobile through extended fights. And, even when if he gets low, Last Stand will give him the damage to finish people off. Sorcery secondary gives Udyr both Waterwalking and Celerity, runes that further augment his movement speed.

Sunfire is out, and Jak’Sho is in. With Sunfire being downgraded from a Mythic item and having much less impact, it’s been pushed out of being built all the time to being a good choice sometimes. Jak’Sho into Demonic Embrace should be your first and second item every game, but Udyr has a ton of options beyond that.

If you’re going to build Sunfire, build it third. Otherwise, the damage isn’t worthwhile. Dead Man’s Plate gives Udyr a ton of movement speed and, even if it has less damage than Sunfire, that movement speed is incredibly nice to have. Meanwhile, Abyssal Mask and Force of Nature are both strong magic protection and can be left up to personal preference, although it’s recommended to get either Force of Nature or Dead Man’s in any given build with how reliant Udyr is on movement speed. Thornmail is also great against team compositions with a ton of healing.

The Prowler’s Claw build

There’s also an alternate Udyr build that, while it’s been nerfed, has emerged as an incredibly strong alternative option on the character. While it kind of throws his identity as a tank out the window, it gives him some insanely strong damage potential. A new build path and rune page are required to pull this one off.

First thing to note is that his max path completely changes here. Maxing Q is your priority, with W and E being worth maxing second depending on whether you need tankiness or movement speed. Phoenix stance is a nice-to-have, but you shouldn’t invest too many levels into it with this build.

Hail of Blades helps with his burst damage here, along with Cheap Shot and Eyeball Collection. Movement speed is always nice on Udyr, which is why this page takes Relentless Hunter, Celerity, and Waterwalking. But it’s impossible to understand this playstyle without seeing the build.

Yup, it’s full damage and lethality with Prowler’s Claw. While you’ll be much more squishy with this build, Prowler’s eliminates Udyr’s massive issue with getting his hands on champions with high mobility or a ton of zoning options. This build is all about penetration and shred. You don’t need much attack speed since, if you’re fed in the later stages of the game, Awakened Q will do a massive amount of damage to any target. Blade of the Ruined King gives you just about all the attack speed you need.

Maokai, the Twisted Treant

Haunted MaokaiLeague of Legends

Maokai’s most recent set of buffs brought him into the jungle for the first time in years, and he’s back with a vengeance. Following his brief stint as one of the better junglers at Worlds 2022, he fell back into being a relatively unpopular pick once the pre-season changes were implemented.

While he’s still not the most popular jungler by any means, he has the highest winrate in the jungle at 54%. His high sustain, strong clear, easy-to-land CC with high gank potential, and is incredibly hard to kill. What’s more, the Season 13 tank items are excellent on this champion.

While Maokai may not be the most engaging champion to play, he’s undeniably strong as a utility champion who controls the battlefield.

When should you pick Maokai?

Maokai does a decent amount of damage, but not enough to solo carry teamfights. Instead, he’s all about CC and setup for the rest of your team. This is great if you’ve got reliable carries with consistent DPS, but picking Maokai on a low-damage team comp isn’t advised. And, while he can build AP to try and increase his damage output, tank items tend to provide much more value on this champion.

With the popularity of carry champions in both top and mid, you won’t run into too many team compositions that would be bad with this character. There’s a reason his pick rate and win rate have been rising as the meta develops.

Maokai best build and runes in League of Legends

Maokai has a wide variety of rune page options depending on who you ask and how they’re trying to play the champion. Everything from Phase Rush to Predator can be viable, but going for Resolve with Aftershock is the most consistently good rune page on this champion. Conditioning and Overgrowth help him scale into the late game as a tank, and Fonrt of Life aids his teamfight capabilities.

Going with Triumph and Legend: Tenacity under the Precision tree are solid options, especially with how strong Legend: Tenacity is.

Jak’Sho is too good to pass on, and it’s the best Mythic for this champion by a mile. That said, depending on how well you’re doing and what you’re playing into, Sunfire’s bonus damage may make it worth building first over Jak’Sho.

Beyond that, Maokai builds relatively standard tank items. Abyssal Mask’s sustain pairs well with Maokai’s low cooldowns, Thornmail gives him consistently strong anti-heal, and Force of Nature gives him some much needed movement speed. If you’re ahead and/or feeling confident, Demonic Embrace has fantastic value on this champion. It’s a little harder to fit into the build now that Sunfire isn’t a Mythic item, but can be a great 3rd or 4th item if you feel like you need some extra DPS.

Zac, the Secret Weapon

Zac LoL Worlds 2022Riot Games

Zac has been slingshotting in and out of the jungle meta from patch to patch as of late, which, to be fair, is incredibly on-brand for him. However, it’s been difficult to know whether or not he’s worth playing from patch to patch with all the new tank items being constantly changed.

However, some recent discoveries with his build combined with the meta settling down a bit has made Zac’s place in the meta a bit more stable. He sidesteps the sustain issues of Season 13’s jungle, has a ton of CC, and enough mobility to make his ganks unpredictable and highly effective.

What’s more, Zac’s new build separates him from other tanks and makes him a bit more secure in the meta than those who rely on Jak’Sho, an item that’s very prominent and constantly changing. It’s finally safe to call Zac one of the best junglers in League of Legends.

When should you pick Zac?

Zac, much like other tanks, is often a good pick. Solo queue teammates tend to go for high damage picks, so playing a champion that can start fights and survive tends to be a good decision. There are only two situations where he’s not a good pick.

If your team is severely lacking damage, Zac may not be the best. Though he can be built full damage in fringe cases, it certainly isn’t optimal. Also, if you’ve got double AP solo laners, Zac doesn’t perform too well. Having a full AP topside makes it much easier to itemize against your team, and will make it much more difficult to do things like clear objectives and push towers.

Otherwise, Zac is a safe pick. Champions like Poppy that heavily counter him aren’t all that common, so it’s rare that you’ll get shut out of the game by any particular champion. Just be careful of high DPS percent health shredders like Vayne.

Zac best build and runes in League of Legends

Zac’s runes are pretty standard fare when it comes to tanks, with a few exceptions. Aftershock, Font of Life, and Conditioning all lend themselves well to the amount of hard CC Zac can put out and the close range he needs to be in to be effective, but Revitalize should always be your go-to third slot on Resolve due to the amount of kit healing Zac has.

Precision is a good secondary choice for the bonus Tenacity as well as the survivability from Triumph, although going Inspiration for Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight is a viable option. Let’s get to the real magic: Zac’s new build.

For the record, you can still go Sunfire Aegis into Jak’Sho if you’re more used to other tank builds. But the new Radiant Virtue strat has pushed Zac over the edge into being one of the best junglers you can pick in League of Legends right now. Radiant Virtue isn’t an item that’s built very often, and it doesn’t have much of a place in the meta on most champions.

But, thanks to Zac’s unique manaless kit and having one of the best teamfight ultimates in League of Legends, Radiant Virtue is the perfect fit for him. For those unfamiliar with what the item does, here’s what you’re buying it for.

Casting Zac’s ult gives him extra max health, gives him and his allies Ability Haste, and will continually heal him and his teammates. The fact that Zac’s damage scales with health means he doesn’t lose out on damage potential from rushing a tank Mythic, either, making it so that he gets a power spike off this item that no other champion can match.

Then you’ll want to go for Demonic Embrace to give him even more damage before finishing out with tank items. If the enemy team has a ton of healing, then Thornmail is a great choice. Otherwise, Sunfire or Spirit Visage should be your third item depending on whether you need MR or armor.

There you have it, the best junglers on patch 13.1. The Season 13 changes have really shifted things around, so these picks are subject to change and will be rapidly developing as the season unfolds. Make sure to check back regularly to see which junglers emerge as the best in their role.

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