Best ADCs in League of Legends for patch 12.18 (2022)

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Here are the best ADCs in League of Legends in 2022 that you should be taking into your solo queue games for free LP gains on LoL patch 12.18.

Half the battle of climbing in League of Legends is knowing which champions you should be picking to maximize your gameplay.

There are now over 160 champions in the game, all with an entirely different set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. With every role having its own unique niche, it can be difficult to know what to lock in in that all-important promo series.

In the ADC role in League, damage is the absolute priority. The glass cannons of the game, ADCs are designed to sit at the back of team fights and pump out damage, letting their teammates tank the bigger hits and staying out of harm’s way.

The best ADCs in League of Legends are those who can maximize that damage while minimizing risk. Many more modern additions to the role have some kind of escape mechanism built into their kit with a dash, blink, or invulnerability.

But even within that niche, there are a multitude of champions to choose from, each with their own unique pros and cons. League’s frequent patches and meta shifts see different ADC champions cycle in and out of viability — so here are the five best ADC champions for League’s current patch, 12.18.


Who is the best ADC in League of Legends?

As of September 23, 2022, the highest win rate ADC in the game is Seraphine, whose win rate sits at 53 percent. However, she’s not a particularly popular pick, with a pick rate of only 1.5 percent.

The most popular ADC on Patch 12.18 is Miss Fortune with a 52.3 percent win rate and a 21.3 percent pick rate.

That being said, the best ADC in League of Legends is, unfortunately, constantly changing. League’s regular updates and patches mean that champions are constantly gaining and losing power, and can be either the best or the worst character in the game depending on how they’ve been affected by the game’s most recent update.

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

KDA All Out SeraphineRiot Games
Seraphine’s a nontraditional bot laner who’s been taking the game by storm in recent patches.

I know, I know. It may seem strange seeing Seraphine on a list of the strongest AD Carries in League of Legends, because AD stands for Attack Damage, which Seraphine doesn’t actually deal.

However, suspend your disbelief for just a moment, because Seraphine is the highest win rate bot laner in the game right now. She’s an AP Carry who’s able to pump out some real damage in the late game. She was initially designed as a support or supportive mid laner, which means that she’s also got some decent tools to defend and sustain for herself in lane.

She’s a great alternative for those who find the ‘kite backwards and autoattack’ style of traditional AD Carries to be a little dull. Perhaps you’re a mid laner looking to venture into the bot lane role, or you’re a support who’s tired of being underappreciated and wants to do some damage for once.

When should I pick Seraphine?

One crucial point to note with picking Seraphine is that you’re cutting your team off from a huge source of AD when not picking a traditional marksman. You’ll need to make up that damage elsewhere – preferably with an AD mid laner like Zed or Qiyana.

She’s great alongside a team with a lot of hard engage. Her ultimate’s range is extended for every ally champion that it hits, meaning you want allies who will run into the enemy team and spread her ultimate damage as far as it can possibly go.

Much like a lot of AP champions, she’s pretty weak in the early game. Try picking her into something like Sivir, who also takes a while to come online. That way, she can’t be punished when she’s at her weakest.

Seraphine best ADC runes and build

Seraphine’s one of the few bot laners whose runes come from the Sorcery tree, rather than Precision. Aery buffs both her damage and her shielding, making it the perfect choice for her hybrid support/damage play style.

Manaflow band, Transcendence, and Gathering Storm all allow her to passively gain mana and Ability Power over the course of the game, turning her into a late-game monster. For her secondary runes, Biscuit Delivery is a universally useful rune for mana-reliant champions, and Cosmic Insight gives her some much-needed Summoner and Item cooldown reduction.

Seraphine ADC runes 12.15Screengrab via Riot Games
Aery gives Seraphine both bonus damage and a small buff to her shielding capabilities.

In terms of items, Liandry’s Anguish is a must-build for Seraphine. It gives all her abilities a damage-over-time burn, and does damage based on the enemy’s bonus health, making her a surprisingly strong tank-killer.

After that, Archangels Staff adds some much-needed mana sustain and damage, along with a nice 200 bonus health to give Seraphine a little more survivability. If you’re dealing with an enemy team that’s heavy on healing, you can go for Chemtech Putrifier for some Grevious Wounds, or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to help lock down a more mobile opposing team comp.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune best adc leagueRiot Games
Miss Fortune is a bounty hunter with a score to settle – and also one of the best ADC’s in the game right now.

Miss Fortune enjoyers rejoice — her nerfs on Patch 12.18 have done little to kick her out of contention for the best AD Carry in the game. Her win rate currently sits at 52.3 percent, making her the second-highest ADC in the game right now.

Miss Fortune’s a mid-range AD Carry with a powerful ultimate and an even more powerful early-game poke tool. Her Make It Rain (E) is both a pretty annoying slow, and also one of the only area of effect poke abilities in an ADC’s kit.

She’s seen many different build iterations throughout her lifespan — for a while, full lethality Miss Fortunate was one of the strongest AD Carries in the game. Her current build is more critical strike-focused.

When should I pick Miss Fortune?

If you’re going to pick Miss Fortune, you pretty much have to have a hard crowd control support to back her up. She doesn’t benefit quite as much from enchanter supports as other more attack-speed based carries.

Champions like Alistar, Amumu, and Leona can work off the slow on Make It Rain to better hit their crowd control, and chain stun the enemy bot lane so MF can finish them off.

Or, if you want the ultimate wombo combo, make sure you have a Jarvan IV on your team (either in support or jungle). His Cataclysm (R) locks the enemy team into one spot for Miss Fortune to mow them down with her Bullet Time (R).

Miss Fortune best ADC runes and build in League of Legends

Miss Fortune runes Patch 12.18Riot Games

Miss Fortune currently runs a pretty standard AD Carry rune page.

Press the Attack is easy for her to apply — her Double Up (Q) applies on-hit effects, so her autoattack – Q – autoattack combo procs the rune. Presence of Mind helps her spam her Make It Rain (E) with a little more frequency in lane, and Legend: Bloodline and Coup de Grace are just generically good AD Carry runes.

Build-wise, you’re looking to build Noonquiver into a Kraken Slayer. Berserker’s Greaves are a must, and you can round out your core build with The Collector and an Infinity Edge. After that, your items are situational — build for what you need (Guardian Angel for survivability, Bloodthirster for lifesteal, etc.)

Nilah, the Joy Unbound

Star Guardian NilahRiot Games
League’s newest champion is a challenging but rewarding melee AD Carry.

The newest champion in League’s roster, Nilah’s a nontraditional AD Carry who’s perfect for those who find the ranged playstyle of marksmen to be a little dull.

She’s only been out for a few weeks, but already Nilah has become the third highest win rate AD Carry in the game as of September 23, and for good reason. Her kit is incredibly strong, even allowing her and her laning partner to gain double the experience of a regular duo lane.

She’s probably the most difficult ADC on this list, simply by nature of being a melee champion. But she’s fun to play and rewarding to master, and will net you some significant LP gains if you can get past her learning curve.

When should I pick Nilah?

Nilah’s great into low-mobility lane opponents. She wants to get in range and offload all her damage onto her opponent before they have time to react – but if that opponent has a blink or a dash, then Nilah opens herself up to being heavily mispositioned.

She’s good with healing and buffing supports to counteract the fact that she’s very susceptible to being poked out in the early game. Her highest win rate supports are Taric and Sona, with Janna following up behind.

Nilah best ADC runes and build in League of Legends

Much like a lot of melee fighters in League, Nilah thrives with the Conqueror rune. Stacking with auto attacks, Conqueror allows champions to heal based on damage done with auto attacks once it’s fully stacked. This gives Nilah some sustain in extended trades.

Triumph gives some much-needed extra healing alongside bonus attack speed from Legend: Alacrity. To top off her rune pathway, Last Stand lets Nilah do bonus damage when she is low health – an opportunity to turn around an unfavorable skirmish.

Nilah runes Patch 12.15Screengrab via Riot Games

Immortal Shieldbow is the perfect item for Nilah. When you’re a melee champion, you’re going to take some pretty intense hits. Shieldbow gives a pretty sizeable shield and a chunk of bonus AD when you take a hit that takes you below 30 percent health.

After finishing Shieldbow, you’ll want to build Phantom Dancer. It gives yet more survivability in the form of bonus movement speed to slip and slide out of harm’s way, alongside a health dose of crit chance, attack speed, and attack damage.

Jhin, the Virtuoso

High Noon JhinRiot Games
Jhin’s been a fan-fvorite AD Carry ever since his release in 2016.

His gimmick isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan of high-burst AD Carries then Jhin is the champion for you.

He’s been in and out of the meta for both professional play and solo queue ever since his release in 2016. Getting to grips with him can be a little difficult — he doesn’t play anything like a conventional AD Carry. He has a reload mechanic that means he only gets to auto attack four times before having to reload, with the fourth shot doing huge additional damage.

The speed of these shots can’t be increased by building attack speed, and any attack speed you do build on him is converted to attack damage.

When should I pick Jhin?

Jhin likes to play with two kinds of support: hard crowd control or poke.

Three of his best pairings are Alistar, Bard, and Morgana — with Morgana in particular providing both poke and crowd control to help get Jhin through the lane phase.

He’s not the best versus tanks, because his ability to put out consistent damage is actually pretty low. He likes a squishy enemy team composition that he can blow up in an instant, and he doesn’t really care about the enemy team’s healing.

Jhin best ADC runes and build in League of Legends

Jhin runes Patch 12.18Riot Games

Jhin’s all about movement speed. He gets a massive injection of movement speed on his fourth auto attack, and because he has no mobility in his kit it’s one of the few ways he can maneuver around fights and stay out of harm’s way.

Becuase of this, Fleet Footwork is a must. He uses the traditional Presence of Mind/Legend: Bloodline/Coup de Grace setup for the remainder of his primary runes. In his secondary tree, you can pick up yet more movement speed with Celerity, and Gathering Storm is a generically good late-game rune.

You’re going to want to pick up a Galeforce as your starting item. It’s a little mobility boost that can prove useful in sticky situations, and also just provides a good spread of stats. Pick up some Berserker’s Greaves, and then look to finish out your core build with The Collector and a Rapidfire Cannon.

Tristana, the Yordle Gunner

Riot Games
Tristana’s an old pro play favorite who’s been Rocket Jumping back into the global meta on Patch 12.16.

Tristana’s a veteran of the bot lane role. In fact, Tristana was one of the original 40 champions in League of Legends — and she’s been a consistent meta presence since her release in 2009.

She’s not quite back to her peak of popularity for professional play, but she’s been tearing up solo queue since Patch 12.16 after her Rapid Fire (Q) attack speed bonus was increased by 15%.

Her win rate currently sits at 51%, and she’s not seeing too much attention in the ban department – making her the perfect champion to rely on getting through draft without seeing any bans or enemy team picks thrown your way.

When should I pick Tristana?

Tristana’s only real hard counters are Thresh, Sett, and Trundle support in the bot lane. They’re the only three supports who can knock you out of your Rocket Jump (W) with ease (other crowd control supports can do it too, but it requires much better mechanics and more accurate timing).

She’s one of the closest things the AD Carry role has to an assassin. Her role is to Rocket Jump in, put an Explosive Charge (E) on a squish target’s head, and then blow them up in two seconds with the bonus attack speed from Rapid Fire (Q).

Because of that, she prefers to face off against low-CC teams who have at least one immobile, squishy target for her to delete. Picking Tristana into champions with invulnerable mechanics like Kayle, Kindred, and Taric is a recipe for disaster, so make sure your team can reliably burn those enemy ultimates before you engage.

Tristana best ADC runes and build in League of Legends

As befitting her assassin playstyle, Tristana is one of the few AD Carries in the game who doesn’t use the Precision tree in her rune loadout. Her primary rune tree is Domination, which gives her the kind of explosive power needed to pick off enemies.

Her keystone rune is Hail of Blades, which gives her a 110% attack speed steroid after attacking an enemy champion three times. When combined with the bonus attack speed from her Rapid Fire (Q), Hail of Blades lets you do a ridiculous amount of damage in a very short space of time.

Taking Precision as your secondary tree gives you access to Triumph and Legend: Bloodline – two very powerful and very useful secondary runes to increase Tristana’s survivability in extended fights.

Best Tristana runes Patch 12.16Riot Games

In terms of items, Tristana’s build path is very similar to Sivir’s. Her starting items are, you guessed it, a Doran’s Blade and health potions. Truly groundbreaking.

You’ll want to look at Kraken Slayer as your mythic item, and build into Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge for maximum damage in minimum time. In the late game, a Guardian Angel can help give you that little bit of forgiveness on your more risky engages, and Lord Dominik’s Regards can help you deal with those high-health tanks.

So, there you have it — the best ADCs in League of Legends as of patch 12.18 in 2022.

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