Best ADCs in League of Legends for patch 13.1b (2023)

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League of Legends patch 13.1b brought some huge shake-ups to ADC itemization and overall rankings in the role. Here are the best champions after the most recent round of ADC updates.

Half the battle of climbing in League of Legends is knowing which champions you should be picking to maximize your gameplay.

There are now over 160 champions in the game, all with an entirely different set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. With every role having its own unique niche, it can be difficult to know what to lock in in that all-important promo series.

In the ADC role, damage is the absolute priority. The glass cannons of the game, ADCs are designed to sit at the back of team fights and pump out damage, letting their teammates tank the bigger hits and staying out of harm’s way.

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The best ADCs in League of Legends are those who can maximize that damage while minimizing risk. Many more modern additions to the role have some kind of escape mechanism built into their kit with a dash, blink, or invulnerability, but good players will still punish you for poor positioning even if you’ve got a few safety nets.

There are a multitude of champions to choose from in the role, each with their own unique pros and cons. League’s frequent patches and meta shifts see different ADC champions cycle in and out of viability. All that said, here are the six best ADC champions for LoL’s current patch, 13.1b.

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Who is the best ADC in League of Legends?

As of January 31, 2023, the highest win rate ADC is Seraphine with a 53.74% win rate. Seraphine has been a menace in the role for the past year or so, and, while she had a bit of time out of the spotlight at the tail end of Season 12, she’s right back at the top of the win rate charts. The most popular ADC on Patch 13.1b is Caitlyn with a 49.95% win rate, a 22.6% pick rate, and a 19.6% ban rate.

That being said, the best ADC in League of Legends is constantly changing. League’s regular updates and patches mean that champions are constantly gaining and losing power, and can be either the best or the worst character in the game depending on how they’ve been affected by the game’s most recent update.

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Tristana, the Yordle Gunner

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Tristana’s an old pro play favorite who’s Rocket Jumped back into the global meta since patch 12.16.

Tristana’s a veteran of the bot lane role. In fact, Tristana was one of the original 40 champions in League of Legends — and she’s strong as ever being one of the most aggressive, all-in ADCs you can pick.

She’s not quite back to her peak of popularity for professional play, but has been seeing a bit of play lately due to how strong she can be in the right situation. She’s deceptively complex, and can get you into a lot of trouble if you don’t know how to use her kit properly. But, for those who know when to go in and take advantage of her burst, Tristana is a very strong pick.

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Tristana’s E is a powerful tool, but also one that almost always guarantees that the lane is going to push due to its passive. She has the ability to overpower most bot laners, but that can also make her an easy target for junglers if she’s pushed too close to the enemy tower. And, if Tristana falls behind, she’s not very useful.

For those who are confident in their skills, there are few ADCs that are a better choice than Tristana.

When should I pick Tristana?

Disengage champions are Tristana’s worst enemy. Thresh, Janna, Alistar, and other champions who excel at ending fights before they start make Tristana’s life very difficult. Smart ADC players will also run Exhaust and let their support take heal instead, making it very difficult to find an opportunity to jump on them.

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But, if you can find an opening against a bot lane that isn’t prepared for Tristana’s high DPS, you’ll be able to bust a game wide open and win the game for your team.

Against poke-heavy bot lanes like Senna paired with an ADC or enchanters like Soraka/Sona, Tristana is the perfect pick. She’s great at punishing greedy bot lanes, and is one of the best ADCs in League of Legends when it comes to stomping lanes.

Once Tristana gets that snowball rolling, it’s really hard to stop her.

Tristana best ADC runes and build in League of Legends

Best Tristana runes Patch 12.16Riot Games

As befitting her assassin-like playstyle, Tristana is one of the few AD Carries in the game who doesn’t use the Precision tree in her rune loadout. Her primary rune tree is Domination, which gives her the kind of explosive power needed to pick off enemies.

Her keystone rune is Hail of Blades, which gives her a 110% attack speed steroid after attacking an enemy champion three times. When combined with the bonus attack speed from her Rapid Fire (Q), Hail of Blades lets you do a ridiculous amount of damage in a very short space of time.

Taking Precision as your secondary tree gives you access to Triumph and Legend: Bloodline – two very powerful and very useful secondary runes to increase Tristana’s survivability in extended fights.

You’ll want to look at either Galeforce or Kraken Slayer as your mythic item. Kraken Slayer is the best choice for raw DPS, while Galeforce is a strong choice against slippery enemies (or if you’re mechanically strong enough to Galeforce out of the way of a Thresh hook).

Build into Phantom Dancer (Lord Dominik’s Regards against a tanky team) followed by Infinity Edge. You’ll still want to get PD second despite the IE changes for the extra attack speed and trading potential. In the late game, a Guardian Angel can help give you that little bit of forgiveness on your more risky engages. Alternatively, something like Maw of Malmortius can really help against heavy magic damage in a pinch.

Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

Kai’Sa has come back in a big way since her recent series of buffs to her AP ratios as well as her tank-shredding capabilities. While her laning isn’t anything special, Kai’Sa’s high mobility and late-game versatility have made her the go-to since her release. She may not be the best ADC in League of Legends when it comes to win rate, but she’s popular for a reason.

As far as difficulty goes, Kai’Sa is very much so in the realm of easy to learn and hard to master. With her only skillshot being her W, she can put out a lot of damage by just auto attacking and hitting Q. But, for those with an eye for when to engage, Kai’Sa is capable of taking over games and playing like a true assassin.

What’s more, her recent buffs have made her viable with full AD builds, full AP builds, and a mixed hybrid build that grants the best of both worlds. When you pick Kai’Sa, you can mold your build and playstyle toward whatever the team needs.

When should I pick Kai’Sa?

Honestly? Kai’Sa is a pretty solid pick in most scenarios. If you’re looking to one-trick a champion or to learn ADC if you’re just getting into the role, Kai’Sa is one of the best champions you can choose for that purpose. She doesn’t have any unplayable matchups, although she’s got some that are less favorable than others.

Range is Kai’Sa’s worst enemy in the lane phase. Playing Kai’Sa into a duo like Caitlyn/Lux is a nightmare scenario, and it can be incredibly difficult to farm efficiently against lanes that can pressure you. Kai’Sa is more about getting through the early game alive than dominating it.

Also, with Kai’Sa having the ability to dive backline, champions that are great at peeling backline divers can make her job much more difficult in the late game. Picks like Lulu and Nautilus function well as goalkeepers, keeping you from assassinating the backline and functioning in teamfights.

However, while there are some lanes and matchups that are more challenging than others, few feel completely unwinnable for Kai’Sa.

Kai’Sa best ADC build and runes in League of Legends

Hail of Blades helps with popping her passive more efficiently and playing to that assassin playstyle. Taste of Blood, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter are purely for some extra utility and damage. Hail of Blades is what you’re really here for.

Secondary runes vary. Precision is good for the mana regen on Presence of Mind and the bonus attack speed from Legend: Alacrity, but a more AP-oriented Kai’Sa may want to go Sorcery with Transcendence and Gathering Storm. Or maybe you’re against a hyper-aggressive poke lane and want to go Resolve with Second Wind and Overgrowth for survivability.

Precision is a good go-to, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other secondary options once you’re more familiar with Kai’Sa and her matchups. Now, on to her build.

Kai’Sa’s best build path has changed this patch. Infinity Edge is almost never purchased by high level players, and has been promptly swapped out with Navori Quickblades. The cooldown from that item has made Kraken Slayer > Navori the go-to Kai’Sa build, and the reduced cooldowns on her abilities have made Galeforce a much less popular option on the patch.

From there, Phantom Dancer, Lord Dominik’s Regards, and Bloodthirster are common crit items to finish off your build. Guardian Angel can also be a strong defensive option if you find yourself getting focused down in the later stages of the game.

Jhin, the Virtuoso

Jhin has been one of LoL’s most popular ADCs since his release due to his unique playstyle and high one-shot potential in the late stages of the game. He doesn’t play quite like any other ADC in LoL, meaning that his kit takes some getting used to.

However, Jhin’s long range, high movement speed, and bonus utility have made him an absolute menace to play against for close range ADCs like Tristana, Nilah, and Samira who are thriving on patch 12.23.

While he may take a few games to pick up, Jhin is undoubtedly strong in the current meta. For players with strong positioning and game sense, he’s the perfect foil to aggressive team comps while still being playable in almost any situation.

When should you pick Jhin?

The wonderful thing about Jhin is that he’s almost never a bad pick. While he doesn’t have the best DPS on objectives and towers due to his reload mechanic, he makes up for that with the ability to outdamage Smite late game with his fourth shot. While he doesn’t have enough attack speed to run tank shred items like Blade of the Ruined King, the % health damage on his fourth shot can finish off tanks with a single massive burst of damage.

Jhin has weaknesses, but good players know how to properly utilize his strengths in ways that more than mitigate those shortcomings. As soon as you get the gist of how to properly last hit and teamfight with Jhin, it’s hard to imagine a bad time to pick him in a solo queue setting.

If close-range, highly mobile ADCs don’t sound like your cup of tea, Jhin is worth trying out.

Jhin best ADC build and runes in League of Legends

Jhin’s strongest rune setup has changed many times over the years, and, while Dark Harvest is still good in certain situations, a Precision page with Fleet Footwork is the most consistently effective rune page you can go for. The extra movement speed and heal from Fleet combined with Legend: Bloodline helps make up for the lack of lifesteal in Jhin’s build. Presence of Mind helps Jhin get his high damage abilities back faster and keep his mana topped up, while Coup de Grace is great for finishing off low targets.

Sorcery is the go-to secondary for Jhin players looking to scale into the late game. Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm will drastically increase your damage and one-shot potential, but Celerity can be a great alternate choice for those looking for a bit more movement speed.

Galeforce is the Jhin Mythic item. Immortal Shieldbow and Kraken Slayer have fairly minimal value on this champion. Lord Dominik’s Regards is far superior to Collector on Jhin due to just how well it scales into the later stages of the game, so you’ll want to go Lord Dom’s into Infinity Edge in most cases. IE right after Galeforce is possible after the buffs, so you may want to consider grabbing it second if you’re ahead.

After that, Rapid Fire Cannon provides more range for Jhin with some great bang for your buck value, and Guardian Angel is great for late-game scenarios where the enemy team is bound to focus you down. Sub GA out for Maw of Malmortius or Mercurial Scimitar against magical burst damage and hard CC respectively.

Nilah, the Joy Unbound

This champion didn’t exactly make waves upon her release. She didn’t dominate the win rate charts and become the best in her role immediately, nor did she have an abysmal win rate on release like Zeri or K’Sante. She was viewed as a niche champion with certain uses, one that wasn’t worth playing over other choices in the role.

While she is still a bit niche and works much better with some team compositions than others, her ability to block auto attacks and outscale the opposition has allowed players who have mastered her kit to excel.

That said, Nilah doesn’t play like a typical ADC champion. Knowing how to stay alive at short range and use her mobility isn’t easy, and her power curve is unlike any other champion in the role. There are a lot of pros and cons attached to Nilah, and learning how to mitigate those downsides while best utilizing her strengths will take some time.

When should you pick Nilah?

Nilah has been at the top of the win rate charts for a while now despite having a generally low play rate, and she’s only been getting better from patch to patch as players figure out the absolute best build path for the champion.

She’s also very strong with a number of enchanters, and, considering how meta enchanters are, this puts her in a great spot in your typical ranked game. However, putting her with a carry support champion like Pyke can also allow Nilah to play a more “supportive” role where she focuses on wave clearing, starting fights with her ult, and trying to keep other carries alive by spreading her W shield.

She may not have the range of most other ADCs in League of Legends, but she makes up for it with gap close and utility. Learning Nilah will take some time considering that her playstyle differentiates her from other champions in the role, but she’s well worth the time investment.

Nilah best ADC build and runes in League of Legends

Nilah wants to sustain and keep fights going for as long as possible, so having a rune page that enhance her strengths is a strong choice.

Conqueror is the go-to for Nilah, especially considering that she’s “melee”. She does have some range with her Q autos, but she’s coded as a melee champion and gets some additional benefits with certain runes and items. Conqueror being one of them. Triumph, Legend: Bloodline, and Last Stand reward Nilah for staying in the fight.

Meanwhile, Domination provides some more damage and snowball potential with Sudden Impact and Treasure Hunter. Against heavy poke lanes, running Resolve with Revitalize and Second Wind is also a great option. If you’re having a hard time with Nilah through the laning phase, Resolve gives you a bit more room to make mistakes.

Nilah has two main build paths, one of which starts with an atypical item when it comes to ADC champions.

Nilah’s build is incredibly flexible. While you want to go for Immortal Shieldbow into either Phantom Dancer or Lord Dominik’s Regards almost every game to reach that 60% crit threshold for Infinity Edge, she has the potential to build some bruiser items that are typically reserved for non-ADC champions.

The biggest example of this is Death’s Dance, an item that’s incredibly strong on Nilah for having some staying power in fights. Maw of Malmortius and Mercurial Scimitar are also strong defensive options for her if you need some MR. If you want more sustain and damage under your belt, Bloodthirster is also a great option.

There’s another Nilah build that’s still being theorycrafted by those who main the character, and it looks a bit like this so far. Going Ravenous Hydra first gives Nilah a ton of AD, sustain, and wave clear, and it grants a ton of survivability when paired with Immortal Shieldbow.

After that, the ability to get Navori Quickblades’ passive with 40% crit chance makes it a great third purchase, and following that up with Wits End and Phantom Dancer gives you a pretty well rounded build. Some players have even been experimenting with adding full-on tank items to the build like Spirit Visage for its MR and bonus healing. It’s likely we see even more innovations and off-meta options within Nilah’s build as people get more time to theorycraft her build paths.

A quick note on Summoner Spells for Nilah: For most ADCs, the standard combo of Summoner Spells is Flash combo-ed with Heal, Cleanse, or Exhaust depending on the situation. But Nilah’s different. She really, really wants to be running Ghost, so you’ll often want to go either Ghost/Flash or Ghost/Cleanse depending on what you’re playing against.

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

KDA All Out SeraphineRiot Games

Seraphine’s back on tour in the bot lane after a few patches of mediocrity, and the start of Season 13 has brought this champion right back into the spotlight. This champion’s kit just has way too much going for it to keep her away from the top of the win rate charts for long.

She has a pretty easy time coasting through the lane phase, is mechanically simple, pairs well with almost every support champion in the game, and scales incredibly hard into the late game.

If you’re still learning the role or you got autofilled and are dreading the pressure of carrying a game, Seraphine is the pick for you. She has strong poke with enough utility to keep her team alive through even the roughest of teamfights.

When should you pick Seraphine?

The only time you don’t want to pick Seraphine is if your team is heavily magic damage focused. Not only will the enemy build magic resistance and make your life much more difficult, you’ll have a really hard time killing towers and taking objectives.

If your mid and top laner both pick AD champions, Seraphine is perfect. She does extremely well with the extra gold from farming in lane and has deceptively high damage potential, making her much better in the ADC role than she is in support. For a number of reasons, Seraphine is the most consistent ADC champion and certainly the easiest to win games with.

She may not be a typical ADC, but Seraphine excels in the role.

Seraphine best ADC build and runes in League of Legends

Seraphine ADC runes

As a champion, Seraphine does some pretty decent damage while also providing some big heals and shields to her allies. You’ll want to take Summon Aery to enhance both these aspects of her kit, along with Manaflow Band and Transcendence to get her abilities out while keeping your mana topped up. Gathering Storm lends itself well to her late game scaling, but Scorch isn’t a bad option if you’re trying to bully someone out of lane.

Inspiration is a pretty standard secondary choice, with Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight being the most popular choices. However, she can also do well with Resolve as a secondary. Revitalize and Bone Plating against an all-in bot laner like Tristana can save you from getting rolled early on. There’s a lot to experiment with here and a ton of options within Seraphine’s runes, so don’t be afraid to experiment once you learn the character a bit more.

Seraphine is unique in this list in that there isn’t a standout Mythic that you should always buy on her. Liandry’s Anguish is certainly the more popular option, but Moonstone Renewer can be equally strong due to its cheap cost, high mana regen, and sustain in teamfights. Both are viable, but cater to different playstyles.

You’ll want to get your Tear of the Goddess stacking early so you can have it fully stacked by the time you pick up Archangel’s Staff, which is a typical second buy. Outside of Archangel’s and your Mythic, Seraphine excels with utility items. Things like Chemtech Putrifier, Rylai’s, and Zhonya’s are strong purchases on this champion. You can go for general AP items if you’re feeling spicy, but Seraphine’s high base damage and low cooldowns mean she gets a lot more mileage out of utility items than raw damage.

Samira, the Desert Rose

Wild Rift SamiraRiot Games

Samira has seen a massive resurgence over the last few patches, with her win rate and play rate climbing from patch to patch and bringing her near the top. She’s not an easy ADC to play, nor is she a low risk pick. But the payoff is there, and players are starting to learn how to consistently get that payoff.

As LoL caster CaptainFlowers has infamously said, Samira has “enough tools to fix a car.” Her kit is incredibly versatile, and she has a ton of options when put in the hands of a player who knows how to properly use every tool Samira has to offer.

This champion has a pretty steep learning curve, and has almost nothing to offer if she gets behind in lane. But, if Samira gets ahead, she can put the entire team on her back and run through the enemy in style.

When should you pick Samira?

Samira has some rough matchups, but effective use of her W and an eye for when you should go in for the kill can really alleviate the pressure she feels in matchups where she’s heavily outranged. Champions like Caitlyn and Varus make her life a lot more difficult, but certainly not impossible.

She’s is at her absolute best with a teamfighting comp. She performs much better when there’s a heavy frontline presence on the team, one that can allow her to run wild and cleave through the enemy team. If your team doesn’t have a frontliner, you might want to consider picking an ADC with a little more range and self-peel.

Samira best build and runes in League of Legends

With how many abilities Samira uses, she’s at her absolute best with Conqueror. Her rune page looks more like a bruiser page than a typical ADC one, but her in-your-face playstyle necessitates it. Triumph, Bloodline, and Last Stand all lend themselves well to keeping Samira alive and letting her snowball her way through a teamfight.

Domination is the go-to secondary for Samira, with Sudden Impact giving her some bonus pen and Eyeball Collection providing some extra damage as the game goes on. That said, some players prefer Treasure Hunter over Sudden Impact, and you’re welcome to take that rune if you’re feeling confident that you can take advantage of the gold benefits.

Samira’s build path is incredibly straightforward. Immortal Shieldbow should be your Mythic choice every game due to the survivability and sustain it provides. While some people opt for Collector, Lord Dominik’s Regards tends to perform much better and scale more effectively into the late game. IE is standard ADC fare as a third item choice on crit ADCs, while Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel are helpful for staying alive in hectic late game fights.

Where other ADCs have some wiggle room and variation, you’ll want to build like this in pretty much every Samira game you play.

So, there you have it — the best ADCs in League of Legends as of patch 13.1b in 2023.

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