League of Legends fans enchanted by Milio’s adorable reveal

Riot Games

Milio, the flame enchanter teased previously by Riot, has finally been revealed. While we don’t know what his abilities do just yet, the community is enamored with the champion’s story and character design.

It hasn’t been too long since the last enchanter was released, with Renata hitting the rift back in February 2022. However, that hasn’t stifled fan excitement after Milio was revealed as an upcoming support champion.

What’s more, support has been in a bit of a weird spot lately. ADCs are being played as support champions in the highest levels of play alongside the same few enchanters. A new support could seriously shake things up.

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Currently, not much is known about Milio and his place in the meta. However, if fan reception to his reveal is anything to go by, he’s certainly going to be popular.

Milio’s reveal has LoL fans excited to play support

Support has never been the most popular role in League of Legends. Players sign up to have less gold and experience than others in the game. Additionally, the support won’t usually be the one doing a ton of damage or carrying the game.

Currently, players know that Milio is an enchanter that uses flames to buff his allies and damage enemies. None of his specific abilities have been revealed at the time of writing.

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However, for most LoL fans, his visual identity and storyline are more than enough to get excited about. Just look at those little flame blobs.

Milio’s splash art was also revealed alongside some lore for the character, revealing him to be a support champion hailing from Ixtal. He learned how to channel his “inner flame”, something that can heal others. His grandmother made a backpack for him, one that could hold his flame and allow him to keep that fire with him during his travels.

While his abilities aren’t confirmed, fans can look at some concept art that’s played in the background of a video that showcases his champion theme. These don’t outright confirm what his kit will ultimately be, but they do give some insight on what Riot’s devs have in the oven for this character ahead of his full kit reveal.

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Riot Games

Alongside the concept art designs were what appeared to be mid-production images from a full-length 3D animation based around the character. There’s clearly a lot more to come for this champion, and we’ll keep you updated as more information comes to light.