League of Legends devs are considering massive buffs to Kayle’s ultimate

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While Kayle had a brief stint in the Season 12 meta, she’s been out of favor for a long time. League of Legends developers are considering a set of buffs to her ultimate ability that would make her an even greater late game powerhouse.

Most champions in League of Legends can hold their own in early game scenarios. Even late-game hyperscalers typically have a few redeeming qualities that give them the ability to contribute to early fights.

Kayle stands out in that she has almost no redeeming qualities at early levels. She really needs levels and items to get off the ground, with the tradeoff being that her late game is explosive. Kayle is one of the hardest carry champions you can pick.

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While the proposed buffs wouldn’t change her core identity as a hypercarry, they’ll certainly make her job easier in the late game. If they come to fruition, these buffs to her ultimate could put Kayle back into the meta.

LoL devs are looking into some massive Kayle buffs

Riot August, lead champion designer at Riot Games, has shown off some proprietary Kayle buffs that would massively change her power level in late game teamfights.

Unlike the various patch previews that come from Rioters ahead of big changes like the sort that have led up to Aurelion Sol’s rework, these buffs have been presented as proprietary rather than being set in stone.

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While there’s a chance they don’t go through at all, the Kayle buffs August is proposing would completely change the way the champion is played.

Currently, Kayle’s ultimate doesn’t allow her to continue attacking while she’s invulnerable. This makes it so that a Kayle player can’t continue to output DPS if they try to keep themselves alive with the ability. This creates a trade-off in her kit: Do you want to do more damage and risk dying, or do you ult early on and try to anticipate burst from the opponent?

These Kayle buffs would remove that trade-off entirely, making Kayle invulnerable while still putting out a huge amount of late-game damage. She’ll still be vulnerable to CC through the duration, sure, but it’s a massive buff nonetheless. Not to mention an almost doubled AoE on her ultimate’s damage radius.

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Due to the fact that the visual effects on her ability would take time to implement, it might be a while until we see these changes hit live servers if they go through at all. But there’s a good possibility that Kayle will be receiving buffs in the near future.