League of Legends dev Riot teases massive changes coming to player systems

faerie court karma skin splash artRiot Games

Riot has responded to a rather lengthy Reddit post about existing systems in League of Legends, mentioning major changes are in the works for player systems in the MOBA.

League of Legends is an absolutely massive game. Being over 10 years old, with content such as new champions, items, and skins being added into the game constantly, it’s easy to forget about some of the older less shiny features in the game. Riot has been hard at work in maintaining many of these previous systems, but a good proportion of them have been left aside as the game continues to chug on.

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Certain players have taken notice of this, and have wondered what Riot’s plans were for the older systems that have not yet been retired.

One particular player went onto Reddit to articulate their frustration, talking in depth about each individual system and its current downfalls. The player went on to mention systems such as Clash, Challenges, Eternals & Champion Mastery, Profile Customization and the Honor System as specific pain points at the moment.

Riot teases plans to revamp older systems in League of Legends

Fortunately, a LoL dev took note of this and was able to respond to the player, giving a bit of insight into what the plans are for the player systems.

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Rioter Pupulasers made sure to thank the player for their rather lengthy and detailed post, before going into more detail about some of the pain points. Pupulasers admitted that League has a lot of potential ways to better serve players and that Riot has highly prioritized finding ways to satisfy player motivations.

They went on to explain that whilst they cannot share full details as of yet, Riot has begun working on some of the categories the player has mentioned. In particular, the Challenge system, Eternals and Champion Mastery were used as examples for these potential changes.

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Pupulasers stated that Challenges were going to be revamped to “deliver more event-driven and focused objectives for players to chase after.”

league of legends eternals systemRiot Games
Eternals are one of the older systems looking to be revamped in future.

Eternals have yet to have their potential revealed according to Riot, and any investment into the Eternals system will not be “primarily motivated by monetization, instead focusing on utilizing the tech to give players awesome, Champ-specific goals to chase and achieve.” as Pupulasers stated.

Finally, Riot is looking to revamp champion mastery as there isn’t enough to distinguish players at 30-40k mastery and players at 1 million mastery. Riot is currently looking to see how they can extend Champion Mastery, potentially branching it outwards to things like roles and classes.

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