League of Legends Clash Global Beta — how to play, dates, signup, prizes

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Clash is returning to League of Legends, and we’ve got all the information you need to register your team, play, and win some great prizes.

After years of development and ironing out the kinks, Riot has re-released Clash to the League of Legends community in time for Season 10. The tournament mode is a replacement for the old Ranked 5’s queue, which was removed in Season 6.

If you and your mates want to win some great in-game prizes and play more competitive games of League, without as many obligations, here’s everything you need to know about the Clash Global Beta coming soon.

Riot GamesGet ready to smash Clash, coming soon to League of Legends.

What is League of Legends Clash?

Clash is an in-game tournament for League of Legends. Teams of five signup together and are placed in four tiers depending on their ranks, with Tier I being the highest tier. 

Teams within these tiers are then divided up into eight-team brackets, playing off in a single-elimination format.

The winner of the bracket get the majority of the rewards, although all players get consolation prizes regardless of placement.

When is the Clash Global Beta?

The Clash Global Beta will be open on December 7 & 8, and again on December 14 & 15. Players will be able to participate in one tournament each day, with games usually starting in the evening based on the server clock.

How do you signup for Clash?

To signup for Clash, you must have an eligible account. If you have hit level 30, completed ranked placements in one Summoner’s Rift queue (solo queue or ranked flex), and have verified your League account by SMS, you are almost good to go.

You just need to find a group of five, as you can’t signup for Clash as an individual. One player must create a team on the Clash landing page, and then invite players from their friends list to add into their team.

Riot GamesYou can create your team on the Clash landing page in client.

How do you play Clash?

To play in Clash, you must put up at least one ticket. This ticket is an entry fee to join the tournament, and makes you eligible to play and receive prizes at the end of it. You can buy regular tickets in the Accessories tab of the shop for 975 BE or 195 RP, or you can also buy a premium ticket for 975 RP.

Once you have five players signed up and ticketed, all you have to do is wait for your lock-in window, and be ready to start your games when your Clash bracket opens.

You will be notified when your games are ready, and will have seven minutes to scout your opponents. After the seven minutes is up, you will be dropped into champion select, and loaded into a game of Summoner’s Rift shortly after.

Riot GamesIf you win your Clash Bracket, you will receive a trophy in-game for two weeks.

What rewards are available in Clash?

There are three main rewards you can get for Clash—Trophies, Victory Points, and Capsules. Trophies will be displayed on your profile page, next to your rank and mastery points. They will also appear near your Nexus when you load into Summoner’s Rift for everyone to admire.

Every win you get in Clash also grants you 200 Victory Points. These Victory Points are used to upgrade an in-game banner which will show in your lane in every Summoner’s Rift game. They will also be displayed on your profile.

Riot GamesDeck out your profile with these Clash banners.

Finally, every player will receive a Clash Orb or Capsule after exiting the bracket—win or loss. The contents of both the orb and capsule upgrade depending on the type of ticket you used to enter, and your overall result.

You can signup for the League of Legends Clash Global Beta in-game now.

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