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Massive Yuumi changes could nerf her into the ground in LoL Patch 9.24

Published: 2/Dec/2019 23:16 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 19:30

by Andrew Amos


A new set of Yuumi changes on the League of Legends PBE could nerf the magical cat in the bot lane big time, with huge hits to her overall damage and survivability turning her back into a pure support character.

Yuumi has been a staple bot lane pick since her release in League of Legends. While she started out on Summoner’s Rift with an abysmal 29% win rate, she soon climbed to be one of the game’s most overpowered champions.

She had a 35% presence at Worlds 2019, making her one of the most picked or banned supports at the tournament. While Riot has looked to tone down her kit in previous patches by removing some of her utility, the changelist for Patch 9.24 looks to be her biggest nerf yet. 

Riot GamesYuumi players won’t be impressed with these changes to her in Patch 9.24.

The changes, as listed by [email protected], have targeted Yuumi’s damage and survivability. Starting from the top, her passive will now restore mana again, and will give a larger shield. While this is buffing it back up to its pre-Patch 9.14 power, it’s compensating for nerfs to the rest of her kit.

Her Q, Prowling Projectile, has been the strongest part of her kit, but that might no longer be the case after this nerf. Its mana cost has gone up by 10 at all ranks, while its AP ratios have been cut by 15% for a regular Q, and 25% for an empowered Q.

This means that full AP Yuumi will be losing a lot of its damage, and opting into a supportive build and only using Q for utility is a must.

Riot GamesThe new conditions for Yuumi’s You and Me! make her a lot easier to kill.

Her W, You and Me!, has taken a hit too. While it will grant Yuumi and her attached ally more adaptive force, it will become harder for Yuumi to attach. She won’t follow an ally who uses teleport, it now has a 0.2 second cast time, and if she gets immobilized, she won’t be able to cast You and Me! for five seconds.

This is a big hit to Yuumi’s survivability, as her ability to duck and weave through crowd control made her an excellent enchanter in teamfights. Now, if she gets knocked off, it’s game over for her and her team.

Finally, her E, Zoomies, is getting a mini rework. She will no longer store charges, but in compensation its cooldown is getting reduced. Its mana cost has also gone up significantly however, reaching 160 mana at rank five. But, it will grant more healing, and give an attack speed steroid as well.

Riot GamesThe changes to Yuumi are a welcome few to those who don’t like playing against her.

This angles Yuumi back into being a pure support, rather than just attaching onto a bulky bot laner like Garen and calling the shots. She can help make her team stronger in fights, but she’s now becoming the high-risk champion that she was designed to be.

Her full AP build path of rushing Luden’s Echo and Rabadon’s Deathcap will be much less effective, but items like Ardent Censor will synergize really well with her new E. Yuumi players will also need to be more careful with how they dash around teamfights, as one misstep could lose them the game.

These nerfs are currently active on the PBE, but there could be more changes made before they actually hit live servers. Patch 9.24 is expected to drop on December 3.

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Amumu nerfed again in League patch 10.24 after jungler’s win rate soars

Published: 26/Nov/2020 1:17 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 2:12

by Andrew Amos


Amumu has risen up as the dominant jungler after the League of Legends Season 11 item rework. He was targeted in League patch 10.24, but the changes didn’t go far enough, with Riot shipping out a big hotfix on November 26.

Amumu was the big winner of the League of Legends Season 11 changes. While his winrate shot up on the Patch 10.22 thanks to a change to his ultimate, the new items on Patch 10.23 only cemented his place at the top of the jungler power rankings.

In the space of a month, he jumped from 48.88% win rate to 57.08%, according to stats site His pick rate also went up tenfold, from 1.12% to 17.98%.

Sad Robot Amumu splash art for League of Legends
Riot Games
Amumu has run away as the top jungler in League Season 11, but Riot are reining him in.

Given his outdated kit, it’s a small miracle the Sad Mummy has found his way back into the meta after years of being obsolete. Between Sunfire Aegis, Demonic Embrace, and Abyssal Mask though, it’s given Amumu a new lease on life.

However, Riot believes they’ve given him a bit too much of a leash to work with. After a small set of nerfs to begin with on League patch 10.24, they’ve gone one step further with an even bigger set of changes in a November 26 hotfix.

The hotfix includes a nerf to Amumu’s mana per level, the base damage on his E, as well as his ultimate stun duration. The three changes in tandem are designed to make Amumu less of a kill threat, having to conserve his resources for when the time is right.

“Amumu is still looking like a big outlier after the patch, overperforming other tanks and everyone else,” lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter said on Twitter.

Riot are hoping the changes bring Amumu in line with other tanks, who were nerfed hard via Sunfire Aegis, Frostfire Gauntlet, and Turbo Chemtank.

They’ll be keeping their eyes on the Sad Mummy until the next update, League patch 10.25, which is expected to drop on December 9.

The final update of the Season 10 cycle is currently set to include a bunch of new cosmetics, overhauls to Pantheon and Anivia, and more.