LoL devs reveal team Arena revamp coming sooner than expected

Liam Ho
Arena League of Legends

League of Legends developers at Riot have revealed a huge revamp coming to the limited-time arena mode, featuring an increase in the number of teams from four to eight.

Arena is one of the most popular limited-time modes LoL has ever seen. The 2v2v2v2 game mode saw players face off in several rounds of battle, with the last remaining being crowned the victor. This removed the need for farming and neutral objectives, making the game purely about outplaying your opponents.

As such the player base fell in love with the mode, which saw Riot bring it back a couple of times and put a lot of effort into further development. This included new augments and new arenas, as well as balance changes for champions that didn’t quite function in the new environment.

Now Riot is coming out with a new Arena update that sees massive changes to the mode, including an update that will allow a whopping eight teams of two to participate in battle.

Riot Meddler revealed that the devs have been testing up to eight teams in Arena, and are optimistic that it’ll be a solid update for the mode overall. This will mean that 16 players can jump into the mode, doubling the available players from the last iteration.

The dev also spoke about making adjustments due to the removal of Mythic items, as the last run of Arena was made before the change.

However, with only smaller things being tweaked, the devs are confident that the revamped version of the mode will be released earlier than expected. Originally slated as part of the Summer event this year, we may see the mode drop before the major seasonal event.

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