League of Legends players lash out at Riot for “disrespectful” handling of clash

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League of Legends players have slammed Riot for the “disrespectful” way they handled the most recent Clash tournament weekends.

League of Legends is easily one of the most popular online games around, sporting a competitive 5v5 that pits players against one another in a battle for the ages. Often time victory requires coordination, teamwork, and plenty of skill and mechanics to come out on top of the enemy team.

With the game’s basis being that two teams battle one another for supremacy, it only makes sense that the League of Legends community has an innate sense of competition.

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Many of the playerbase grinds out solo queue-ranked games in the hopes of attaining a higher rank. However, League shines at its brightest when a coordinated group of 5 takes on another.

As such Riot created an in-game tournament system to allow for players to compete in a premade 5v5 format. Clash is an in-game system that allows players to create a team and compete in 8 or 16 team tournaments during certain weekends, allocating prizes depending on how they place.

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League of Legends fans lash out over Clash handling by devs Riot

However, Clash has taken quite a toll on the League of Legends server in recency, with the most recent weekends causing frustration among players. A Reddit post was created in response to the poor handling of Clash, which has since gathered over 5.1k upvotes from the community.

The post claimed that Riot’s handling of Clash over the past few weekends has been terrible to the point of being “disrespectful”. The player claimed that for the second week in a row, Clash was unable to start on Saturday, with the event trapping players’ accounts without any way of quitting.

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They continue on to speak about Riot’s lack of communication or response to the issue aside from “Yep we know there’s an issue”. Riot also did not offer any compensation or Clash rewards for wasting the player’s time.

“People plan ahead and take time out of their weekends to sit down and play Clash. Server issues occasionally happen and that’s understandable, but when for the second weekend in a row, players are prevented from even backing out and playing normal games with their friends they gathered together, AND they receive next to no communication and zero compensation, that’s nothing short of disrespectful to the players and their time.” the post stated.

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Riot has yet to respond to the outrage about the recent Clash tournaments as of the time of writing.