League of Legends players frustrated at state of ranked due to bizarre matchmaking

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League of Legends players have expressed their frustration at the current state of ranked due to strange matchmaking and placement matches.

The 2024 ranked season for League of Legends has only just begun. Players from all over the world are hopping into ranked queues, grinding out their placements, and hoping to climb ever higher than they have before. Some grinders can spend multiple hours in the ranked trenches, digging further and further in the hopes of some sweet LP.

One of the most important parts about ranked however is your placement games. These games determine where you start the season at, and their results are far more impactful than your average ranked fiesta.

Major issues have arisen with the new season in 2024 though, with players becoming frustrated at the number of purchased accounts and brand-new players entering their ranked games.

LoL players frustrated at bizarre matchmaking and purchased accounts in Season 14

These accounts can be purchased online for cheap, and then used by players who aren’t particularly invested, who will just abandon their teammates if the match isn’t going their way.

“The game before this one was decided by someone on their 2nd ranked game, also a level 30, because he didn’t like how the lane was going after 6 minutes,” the player explained.

Other players chimed in, also sharing that they were getting level 30 accounts in their ranked games as well. Many of them blamed the matchmaking for putting players in a game with ranks far higher than their skill.

“Yeaj it’s disgusting. I had a genuine level 30 new player doing their first ranked game in a recent match of mine,” one player ranted.

“I played ranked flex with a genuine new player who started dagger on Jinx and dies 10x every game. She was placed plat 3 like wtf??” another agreed.

Whilst there are often teething issues when a new ranked season starts, it appears that season 2024 may go down as one of the worst in League of Legends history.

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