League of Legends cosplayer stuns her audience as beautiful K/DA Kai’Sa

KDA Kai'Sa cosplay by AndrastaTwitter: xandrastax / Riot Games

Out of all the K/DA characters, Kai’Sa is given the least amount of love by League of Legends cosplayers. However, Andrasta is looking to change that, creating a cosplay of the Daughter of the Void in her girl group outfit that rivals the other members.

Kai’Sa is more in the background when it comes to K/DA’s hit music, but the Daughter of the Void often steals the dance floor from her other girl group members.

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While we’ve all seen our fair share of Akali, Ahri, Evelynn ⁠— and even Seraphine cosplays ⁠— Kai’Sa is usually neglected.

However, cosplayer ‘Andrasta’ is giving the K/DA member some love with a suave new cosplay in her All Out outfit.

Featuring a lot of black leather and tinges of blue, Andrasta’s Kai’Sa is one of the best we’ve seen. She put together a perfect mane of blue hair, and even crafted Kai’Sa’s backpiece.

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It’s slightly different from the in-game design, which features a bit of white, however it doesn’t take away from the fact that Andrasta’s cosplay is beautifully designed. If only for the immaculate blasters, it’s an absolute star performance.

The cosplay was created with the help of Sky Cosplay and Kinpatsu, who helped tailor-make the outfit and gave some design inspiration on the backpiece.

Kai’Sa isn’t the only K/DA cosplay Andrasta has done. She’s also knocked Evelynn out of the park.

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With fans swooning over both cosplays, it’s surely only a matter of time until she tries to pull off Ahri and Akali too to complete the set.

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