League of Legends cosplayer stitches up amazing Gwen outfit

Gwen League of Legends cosplay by EmiruTwitter: Emiru / Riot Games

Gwen is getting ready to cut up Summoner’s Rift as League of Legends’ next champion. However, in anticipation of her release, Cloud9 streamer ‘Emiru’ has stitched up an amazing cosplay of the new champion just days after she was revealed.

There’s an abundance of League of Legends characters to cosplay. From Ahri to Akali, and Sett to Viego, there’s a cosplay for all 154 champions floating out there somewhere.

Now, there’s also some for Gwen. The newly-revealed champion ⁠— who isn’t even released yet ⁠— has already won fans over. A doll put together by Viego’s wife, Isolde, she carries a part of the Ruined King’s heart on the Rift.

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LoL GwenRiot Games
Gwen is League’s newest champion, with Isolde’s doll creation coming to life.

With long turquoise hair and a black lolita outfit, it’s a no-brainer that down the line, you’ll be seeing a lot of Gwen at cosplay conventions.

However, they’ll have to contend with Emiru’s amazing Gwen cosplay, which has already stolen the limelight just days after the champion’s reveal.

The Cloud9 streamer is no stranger to the cosplay scene, but putting together this high-quality a cosplay on such a short turnaround is nuts. Showing it off in a cheeky video lip-sync, you can see that Emiru nailed down all the elements.

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From the bright blue hair, to the charm necklace design around her neck (which Emiru painted on), and the makings of Gwen’s beautiful black-and-white dress, Emiru’s cosplay ticks all the boxes.

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While Emiru said she wasn’t necessarily happy with the Gwen cosplay, the outpouring of support for it with such a quick turnaround has put it all in perspective.

“I was kind of unhappy with my Gwen cosplay, but not beating myself up since it’s to be expected of a project done in one night,” she said on Twitter.

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“The comments on all of my accounts saying Riot must’ve sent me Gwen’s models months in advance for me to have it ready today make me feel better.”

One she crafts a giant pair of Gwen’s scissors, which the doll uses as her weapon, and maybe finds a bit more time to round out the cosplay, we bet that Emiru’s cosplay of the new League of Legends champion will still top all the others.

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“This is just a first test. I look forward to cosplaying her again and improving it.”

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