G2 Jankos risks ban after being tricked by troll Twitch donation

g2 esports league of legends jungler pro player jankosMichal Konkol, Riot Games

G2 Esports’ jungler and League of Legends star, Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski, read out a troll Twitch donation on stream, but quickly realized his fatal error, as he had no idea that the name parodied a racial slur. 

G2 Esports’s jungler, Jankos, remains a fan favorite content creator too, due to his entertaining streams and bubbly personality.

Having been banned (but quickly unbanned) from Twitch once before for reasons unknown, the Polish pro has tread lightly on the platform ever since.

During his December 28 stream, however, the LoL pro accidentally read out a troll Twitch donation, unaware he was risking another ban, and only realized when his chat went wild.

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g2 esports jankos looks into camera post-LEC matchMichal Konkol, Riot Games
Jankos’ lovable personality has earned him over 1 million followers on Twitch.

G2 Jankos accidentally reads racist Twitch donation

After receiving a $1 donation from one of his viewers, Jankos promptly reads out the username – which, unfortunately, was made to sound like racial slur when read aloud.

Following a brief thank you, Jankos simply responds with “I hope your knee doesn’t get too big,” clearly oblivious to the meaning behind the troll’s username.

Immediately the chat responds with “DON’T READ,” and the Jankos is totally baffled. “No bro? No? Wait, what? I shouldn’t open the link or what? Banned? What did I get banned for?”

One of his fans draws his attention to the username, and after a brief moment of contemplation, he responds with an embarrassed “oh my God! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I see now, oh my God I’m sorry. Um, yeah.”

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Reassuring his chat that he doesn’t think he’ll be banned, he states “I think it’s okay, I don’t think I said it very well. I mean, now that I listen to it in my brain I see what you mean, but yeah. There is another name that is very similar, and I said it once and didn’t get banned, so hopefully it’s okay. It’s not like I meant what I said.

“Even if you don’t mean something and you say something bad, you can still get punished for it, because just because you don’t mean something you should always think before you speak. So technically, I said his name because for me it doesn’t really sound like a bad name. When you said it and I pronounced it, yeah, I see what you mean.”

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It’s pretty clear that the whole situation is completely accidental, so it’s likely Jankos will avoid the Twitch ban hammer this time around.