League of Legends

G2 jungler Jankos unbanned on Twitch after puzzling suspension

Published: 17/Feb/2021 18:25 Updated: 17/Feb/2021 18:29

by Bill Cooney


League pro Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankoski has seen his temporary Twitch ban lifted after the G2 Jungler was suspended for reasons still unknown.

Jankos is one of the most seasoned veterans on G2’s League of Legends squad. The jungler has been playing the game professionally since 2013 and has been with his current team for more than three years, since Dec. 2017.

As with most big-name LoL players, he also streams on Twitch – but out of nowhere on Tuesday, February 16, it was announced that Jankos had been temporarily banned.

When the news about the ban broke, no one seemed to know the exact reason it had happened – but like every other Twitch crackdown these days, copyrighted music was the first thing a lot of people pointed to as the potential reason.

Others suggested that it could have been an inadvertent violation of Twitch’s ToS, perhaps from a graphic YouTube thumbnail or some other image that broke the site’s rules during the stream.

Despite all of the speculation, not even the pro himself shared the answer as to why he wouldn’t be streaming but did tell fans on Twitter that it would only be a 24-hour ban, stating the show would go on later in the week when the suspension was up.

Banned for 24h,” Jankoski wrote on Twitter about an hour after the news broke. “I’ll be back on Thursday. Reformed of course.”

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Jankos’ ban was indeed lifted 24 hours after it was imposed, but the LoL pro has yet to tweet or comment about the reason for his suspension. Dexerto has reached out to him for an exact reason behind the ban.

Just hours before the ban landed, rumors were flying that Janko wanted to make a change to the NA scene soon, and while he denied that was the case on Twitter, plenty of fans ran with the joke that the ban was actually Twitch themselves getting fed up with his Nidalee spears.

Whether or not the Pole actually heads to NA or not remains to be seen, but at least fans know he’s back on Twitch after a short absence.


That Vegan Teacher responds to TikTok ban for alleged “community violations”

Published: 24/Feb/2021 0:48 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 0:50

by Jacob Hale


Notorious TikTok vegan That Vegan Teacher has created a video response after being banned on the platform for allegedly violating several community guidelines.

That Vegan Teacher, real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, has clocked up around 1.5m followers on the app and is known for her very firm vegan beliefs, which she frequently preaches on the app.

She’s also had several run-ins with other top names — including, notably, Minecraft sensation 16-year-old TommyInnit, whose fans bombarded her with hate comments after she suggested someone help him feel more comfortable around girls.

Now, after rumors that she had been arrested in January 2021 (which was proven false), she seems to have been banned from the app altogether.

ThatVeganTeacher on TikTok
TikTok: thatveganteacher
ThatVeganTeacher has been a divisive figure on TikTok.

Why was That Vegan Teacher banned on TikTok?

At the time of writing, there’s no clear explanation as to why That Vegan Teacher has been banned on TikTok, with neither her nor TikTok coming out with an explanation.

While the reason hasn’t been confirmed, a disclaimer on her TikTok profile suggests it’s due to multiple Community Guidelines violations.

This could be any number of things, so it’s impossible to speculate on what exactly the violations could be, and we’ll have to wait for official confirmation before reporting it. According to TikTok’s guidelines though, her misdemeanor could fall under any of these categories:

  • Violent extremism
  • Hateful behavior
  • Illegal activities and regulated goods
  • Violent and graphic content
  • Suicide, self harm and dangerous acts
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Adult nudity and sexual activities
  • Minor safety
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Platform security
thatveganteacher banned tiktok
That Vegan Teacher’s TikTok now shows no followers, likes or posts.

That Vegan Teacher has in the past had her videos reacted to by top celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, who didn’t seem her biggest fan, and Russell Brand for her divisive takes.

That Vegan Teacher responds to her TikTok ban

A short time later, That Vegan Teacher created a video response to the situation, which she uploaded to YouTube with all comments and likes/dislikes turned off.

In her video, the controversial TikToker accused her critics of being “scared” of telling kids “the truth” about veganism, and alleged that her ban was the work of “veganphobic” users. In her video description, she also alleged that her home had been “attacked” by critics, who left “dead animal parts” on her front door and – even purportedly doxed her personal information.

That’s not all; some TikTokers believe that Vegan Teacher may have started using a new TikTok account, although these rumors have yet to be fully verified at the time of writing.

Previously, she has drawn comparisons between animal cruelty and atrocities such as the Holocaust, which is likely a large contributor to why TikTok users would report her and the platform would ultimately kick her off.