G2 Carlos criticizes FaZe after Dr Disrespect says esports orgs “don’t make money”

g2 esports ceo carlos ocelot rodriguez at game awardsTwitter: CarlosR

Following a comment from Dr Disrespect that esports orgs “don’t make money” unless it’s FaZe Clan, G2 Esports’ CEO, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez claimed that FaZe’s business is a “hole.”

In esports, it’s not exactly uncommon to see sparks fly between organizations – especially when resident trash-talker Carlos is involved.

Known for not holding back, the G2 CEO has happily roasted some of esports’ biggest stars, with esports and lifestyle brand FaZe Clan being no different.

And FaZe is looking down the barrel of ocelote’s trash talk gun yet again, as a Tweet from Dr Disrespect sparked debate over the profitability of esports orgs.

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g2 esports carlos ocelote rodriguez wearing choker with thumbs upG2 Esports
As much as Carlos roasts his competitors, the G2 Esports CEO also doesn’t shy away from roasting his own team.

Carlos calls FaZe’s business “a hole”

Retweeting a tweet regarding the departure of several major names from TSM (including longtime streamer, Myth,) YouTube titan Dr Disrespect pointed out that most orgs are not making money.

“What do you mean [what] is happening?” Doc asked, noting that “unless you’re FaZe, esport orgs don’t make money. Period.”

Carlos was quick to fire back, however, stating FaZe’s financial results of “-17M in EBITDA with just above $50M in revenue. G2 and [a] couple others’ actual business looks miles ahead of theirs and it’s not even close. Their revenue is pumped up by acting like a bank through individual sponsorship deals for their talent.”

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Concluding that FaZe’s “business is a literal hole,” the G2 CEO has made his thoughts on Doc’s take abundantly clear.

EXCEL esports’ social media manager and LoL insider, Fosty, was quick to echo Carlos’ statements, writing “FaZe represents a king that was the best and the richest, but he never knew how to use his power and riches, so by the time that power and riches started getting weaker and weaker until he became a pale shadow of the past.”

Calling FaZe “an org with wasted potential and no wish to improve,” he claims that “the only thing holding them from certain death is their CS team and [that] their name that gets financial support.”

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100 Thieves founder Nadeshot also took issue with the Doc’s claim that esports orgs don’t make money, telling him to stay off the Gin & Tonics.

However, 100 Thieves’ COO admitted that the company is not yet profitable, and may not be for some time. Rather, as with most esports orgs, their goals are continued growth, supported by outside investment.