YourRAGE chases away home intruder with dogs after finding man playing basketball

Dylan Horetski
YourRage dogs

Kick star YourRAGE found himself having to chase away a home intruder with the help of his dogs after finding the man playing basketball after hopping the fence to his property.

After spending the last few years skyrocketing in popularity, YourRAGE joined Faze Clan and revealed his move from Twitch to Kick in August 2023.

YourRAGE has continued to grow his audience since with over a thousand viewers coming to his stream each time that he’s live.

On February 25, 2024, the streamer revealed camera footage of him chasing away a home intruder with his dogs after finding the man had hopped his fence to play basketball.

YourRAGE chases away guy who hopped fence to play basketball

At the beginning of his stream, YourRAGE decided to share camera footage overlooking his basketball court. You can see a car stop right before a man gets out of the passenger seat and proceeds to hop over Rage’s fence.

After a struggle, the man makes it onto the Kick star’s property and begins playing basketball. The noise of the ball dribbling gets the attention of the dogs and the streamer himself.

They walk out from the side yard, and the dogs immediately chase after the intruder.

“Why didn’t that guy jump the fence that quick coming in? He cleared that sh*t,’ YourRage said.

The clip quickly made its way around social media, with hundreds of users reacting to the camera footage.

“Mans best friend, a cat could never,” one user replied.

Another commented: “He needs get barb wire or sum on dem fences.”

“Bro was just tryna play a game of basketball,” a third user mentioned.

This isn’t the first time YourRAGE has had an issue with someone at his house, either. In April 2023, the content creator shared camera footage of his DoorDash driver stealing his food.

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