YourRAGE catches “loser” DoorDash driver stealing order outside his house

yourrage door dash driver stealsTwitch/YourRAGE

Twitch star YourRAGE is lashing out at DoorDash after he caught a delivery driver eat one of his orders on camera.

Through the years we’ve seen all sorts of shenanigans from drivers on food delivery apps with some being heroes while others are absolute zeroes.

We’ve seen UberEats drivers literally save customers stranded on top of buildings while others have ruined orders because they didn’t like the tip they received.

Now, streamer YourRAGE has exposed a DoorDasher for delivering an order and then returning three minutes later to steal food from another order outside of his house.

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YourRAGE calls out DoorDash driver for eating his food

In a video uploaded to Twitter, the streamer zoomed in on a “f**king loser” DoorDash driver coming onto his property to drop off cinnamon buns near three other orders outside his door.

After dropping the order by the door and taking a photo to confirm it had been delivered, the driver left, but that wasn’t the last YourRAGE would be seeing from him.

Just three minutes later, the man returned, looked around, and dug into a different order to steal a wing.

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“He takes one of my wings from Papa Johns!” YourRAGE sneered. “What the f**k?!”

Despite tagging DoorDash in the tweet and asking why drivers were taking his food, the company’s account hasn’t responded to the concern. It’s not clear if they’ve done anything to rectify the situation.

YourRAGE is hardly the first streamer this has happened to. Notably, Twitch and OnlyFans star Amouranth called out UberEats a driver stole her food, but the app replied to her to fix the issue.

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It’s not clear why YourRAGE was just leaving food outside his door to begin with, but hopefully, he ends up getting refunded after catching a thief red-handed.

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