Kick streamer confronted by angry locals in Thailand after “trolling” goes too far

Virginia Glaze

A Kick streamer was confronted by a group of angry locals in Thailand after he appeared to threaten one of them after bragging he wanted to get into a fight.

‘Jino’ is a Kick streamer who was broadcasting his night out on the town in Thailand on March 25 when things went sideways.

During his stream, Jino began to claim that he wanted to get into a fight as he walked down a busy street.

“I don’t care if I gotta fight 3 v 1,” he boasted to his viewers. “I just wanna hit a motherf*cker right now. I wanna kill a *** right now. I just wanna gut a **** live, bro.”

As he was walking, he appeared to threaten to “gut” a bystander who was standing out of view of the camera, seeming to knock something over in the process.

It wasn’t long before Jino was confronted by a group of angry locals who followed him down the street, prompting the streamer to quickly change his tune.

“Yo, chill! I didn’t mean to!” he shouted, even offering to “pay” them off to avoid a possible beatdown.

The locals didn’t take him up on his offer though, with one woman shouting that they “don’t play with you.”

“We don’t need your money,” another said. “You don’t do stuff like this here.”

“I’m sorry,” Jino apologized. The confrontation ended soon after and the streamer walked away, claiming that he “can’t troll anywhere” due to the reactions of people in public like the one he just experienced.

“I’d die,” he joked. “I’d die immediately. They have 50 *** surrounding them at all times. …chat, I do one little thing, and there’s 50 motherf*ckers surrounding me.”

Jino is far from the first Kick streamer whose behavior has caused a stir abroad. Johnny Somali caused international outrage due to his actions in Japan in 2023, even getting arrested in the country for broadcasting loudly in a restaurant and forced to pay a 200K Yen fine.

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