Fousey gives “brutally honest” mental health update a year after concerning streams

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and Kick streamer Fousey has given a “brutally honest” update to fans on his mental state and the challenges he’s overcome since being hospitalized in 2023.

A year after Fousey was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation, the streamer has returned to update fans on his condition in a lengthy post on Twitter/X.

In the posts, Fousey admitted that he still feels “trapped in my own mind, suffocating, and battling suicidal thoughts,” saying that he attempted to take his own life earlier this year.

“Now, I feel like a dead man walking—emotionless, empty, and stuck in a cycle of despair,” the influencer wrote.

He went on to reveal that he’d created ‘Fousey’ as a persona, “hid[ing] behind an ego inflated by external materialism and validation and as a version of who I thought the world wanted me to be.”

Despite his struggles, Fousey claims that he yearns to become a motivational speaker, saying “if I can get through this challenge, I can devote my life and purpose to helping people who go through the same struggles.”

Fousey concluded his message by saying he wasn’t “seeking attention,” but rather “simply need[ed] to express what’s been festering inside me for so long. Sometimes, just putting it out there can feel like a small weight lifted, even if the rest of the burden remains.”

Responses to Fousey’s tweets are filled with sympathy and encouragement for the content creator, who has not posted any further statements at the time of writing.

Fousey is an OG YouTuber and streamer who turned heads across the internet in summer 2023 when he began engaging in dangerous behaviors during his streams.

For instance, Fousey went long periods of time without sleeping and even walked along a busy freeway at night. During this time, Fousey was also swatted on several occasions, and eventually called law enforcement about the situation.

In his call, Fousey claimed that there was “a gun to my head right now,” even though this was not true. Police showed up and detained the streamer, who was eventually hospitalized for a mental health evaluation.

Fousey Arrest
Fouseytube was notably hospitalized for a mental health evaluation in summer 2023 after he phoned police during a live stream.

In November 2023, Fousey made a comeback to streaming with an exclusive Kick deal thanks to Adin Ross — but in a conversation with Ross, he admitted that he hadn’t been eating and had “hit rock bottom.”

In January 2024, Fousey uploaded a video to YouTube where he dressed as the Joker and joked about his hospitalization. He later went live with a “Depression Boot Camp,” which saw support from his viewers, who continue to encourage him after his latest posts detailing his mental health journey.

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