FaZe Banks responds to claims he “saved” Sketch’s life

Dylan Horetski

FaZe CEO Ricky Banks has responded after receiving praise for ‘saving’ Sketch’s life after the Twitch streamer’s leaks took over social media.

Sketch addressed the viral leaks in a ten-minute stream on Twitch, confirming that it was, in fact, him in the pictures circling social media.

In a tweet before Sketch’s Twitch stream, Banks shared text messages between himself and the streamer asking for him to return to the house for support. In an accompanying picture, Banks showed Sketch leaving the FaZe house after the leaks surfaced online, leaving behind his glasses and even his shoes to head to the airport.

He revealed that he considered ending his own life after the content came out, but gave thanks to his parents and FaZe Banks for being by his side during that time.

Users on social media began calling Banks a “hero,” but the FaZe Clan CEO shared some of his thoughts about the praise in a post on his Twitter/X community page.

“Imposter syndrome perfectly sums up how I feel this morning. I’ve felt in no way, shape or form deserving of Sketches praise or anybody else’s for that matter. Me and the other FaZe boys did exactly what I would hope any other halfway decent person would,” he said in the post.

“The ‘hero’ comments and “you saved his life” shit is mildly uncomfortable to read / hear. I don’t know why. I’m just speaking candidly off the cuff. Nowhere else to really put these thoughts. Just processing this shit.”

He went on to explain his thoughts about what happened the night that the leaks came out. Banks said: “Really insane being behind the scenes and so close to all of it.

“Homie was so sad, I’ve never seen sadness like that. Everyone in that same room saw it too. I just thank f*cking god he’s chilling, safe, feeling even a little bit better. It could’ve been a much darker day yesterday and I just thank god it went the other way.”

Many others have come out in support of Sketch, including Kai Cenat, Jake Paul, SteveWillDoIt, and more.

As for the streamer himself, Sketch said at the end of his short Twitch stream that he’ll be back online after a short break.