Fousey bodycam footage shows YouTuber threatening cops

Virginia Glaze

Bodycam footage of YouTuber Fousey’s detainment by police has just been released online, showing the influencer threatening cops as he was taken from his hotel.

Fousey (aka Fouseytube) is an OG YouTuber who has started a fairly prominent streaming career, boasting over 300k followers on Twitch and 160k on Kick.

Fousey held a subathon throughout August, streaming every day as more and more subscribers poured in. However, his content soon became chaotic, with the streamer experiencing several bans on Twitch for using “hateful slurs” and violating the platform’s Community Guidelines.

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He soon moved to Kick as a result of these bans, but Fousey’s streams continued to get more controversial, with the streamer getting kicked out of a restaurant due to bomb threats and walking down a busy highway at night.

Fousey kick streamKick: Fousey
Fouseytube worried fans after he walked on a busy freeway at night amidst traffic.

Fousey body cam footage released after YouTuber detained by police

On August 23, the streamer was detained by police and sent to a mental health facility after he phoned the cops, claiming his life was in danger.

The arrest was broadcasted live on Fousey’s Kick channel for all to see, showing the YouTuber hurling comments toward the officers like “You guys are dumb as f*ck, man! You guys are literally dumb as f*ck!”

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Now, bodycam footage has been released from the altercation, showing Fousey threatening the officers as he was detained and placed into a cop car.

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“Do you have any drugs on you? Weapons? Nothing that could hurt me?” an officer asks as he frisks Fousey before placing him in the backseat.

“I got a big p***s,” Fousey replied. “It could hurt you a lot. I’m gay. 9 inches. Is that on body cam? I’ll f*ck you so good ’til you love me.”

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Since being detained, it was revealed that Fousey was not arrested but instead hospitalized for his mental health.

Fousey updated fans on the situation a few days later, saying he was “really upset because I was hoping that you guys would interact with me on Discord. But you guys are being really weird.”

However, the streamer promised he would be back for “Season 2” very soon — but as of yet, no news has been released regarding his condition. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on this ongoing situation right here at Dexerto.

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