Kick streamer N3on has been arrested in Dubai, Dexerto sources confirm

Virginia Glaze
did n3on get arrested dubai

Dexerto sources have revealed an exclusive update on rumors that Kick streamer N3on has been arrested in Dubai. Here’s everything we know so far.

N3on is a prominent streamer on Kick who’s currently at the center of rumors claiming he’s been arrested while traveling in Dubai.

These allegations state that the broadcaster has been purportedly detained and even sentenced up to one year in prison in the country for illegally filming at a theme park.

But, what’s really going on?

N3on is best known for his presence on Kick.

Has N3on been arrested in Dubai? Here’s what we know

Nothing has been directly announced by N3on nor his girlfriend, Sam Frank, despite claims of an arrest.

We can exclusively reveal he has indeed been arrested in Dubai but has yet to be sentenced, at the time of writing, according to Dexerto sources.

The rumors first began circulating social media on Friday, April 12, after footage from N3on’s stream went viral showing the influencer, his girlfriend, and a group of buddies being accompanied by police officers.

“I understand that it’s not official, right?” his girlfriend can be heard saying in the footage, with the cameraman asking if they were “going to jail.”

She then told one of the officers that the group had received permission to film from “guest services” before talks of a passport started.

Someone in the group then asked the cameraman to shut off the stream, leaving viewers wondering how things would pan out for the broadcaster.

Thus far, no other information has publicly been released about the incident — but N3on’s girlfriend, Sam Frank, posted in his community on Twitter/X promising to give more details when she’s allowed to speak out.

“I cannot speak on anything, but when I can, you guys will be the first to know,” she wrote.


Adin Ross speaks out on N3on arrest situation

Adin Ross did speak vaguely on the situation on stream, and he had this to say:

“The situation with N3on, the only thing I’ll say is… It’s sticky bro. It’s a very sticky situation.

He purposely withheld details, vaguely saying that “it’s hard right now” and telling his chat to “pray for N3on”.

On stream, he added: “I am doing everything I can do to try to help but people around him made it really hard… I am not going to say who specifically but you guys can put two and two together.”

He then stopped talking about it moments later and changed topic.

N3on returns to stream after Dubai arrest

Several days after his arrest, N3on resurfaced online with a Kick stream to explain what had happened in Dubai.

In his stream, he explained that they were filming in an area that they weren’t supposed to be, with cops being in the shot, which was what led to his arrest.

According to N3on, he spent approximately 37 hours in jail before being let out.

N3on is just the latest Kick streamer to have a brush with the law after fellow broadcaster Johnny Somali got banned from Jerusalem after harassing a female police officer during a live stream earlier this month.