Ac7ionMan furious after “sociopath” sponsor drops out of tour

Meera Jacka

Controversial streamer Aaron ‘Ac7ionMan’ Travis was forced to cut his tour short after his sponsor dropped out and threatened to involve law enforcement.

Dubbed the “Ac7ionTour”, Travis had promised fans he would be streaming nonstop for “over a week” on Kick from an RV sponsored by F3 Energy Drinks.

However, after only five days, the Ac7tionTour was put on hold when F3 Energy founder, Harrison Rogers, determined the streamer’s content did not align with the drink’s brand.

Explaining their side of the situation on stream, it was revealed the group was “in the middle of nowhere” filling up gas when Roger “got mad” and told Travis he was “dumping the whole thing.”

Roger allegedly then threatened to have the RV reported as stolen unless it was returned in “30 minutes or something.” Travis expressed frustration over the “insane” request, claiming he “didn’t even do anything.” However, Roger took to X (formerly Twitter) to state this was not the case.

Admitting he had “nothing against Ac7ionMann,” Roger explained that he canceled F3’s sponsorship as it had become “clear our brands/messages are not representative of each other.” Roger went on to blame Travis’ audience for not allowing the streamer to “evolve into healthier ambitions.”

Travis insisted this was a “terrible take” and said the group had “toned it down so much,” promising he would find a way to continue the tour even without F3’s RV. His response resulted in the two going back and forth on the social media platform, debating whether Roger’s actions were justified.

Roger revealed he had demanded the RV’s return due to Travis’ stream showcasing “clip after clip” of activities he had “promised not to do.” Apparently, messages between Travis and his manager could prove these allegations, with Roger stating other “offers” had been made but were ultimately refused “so the RV separation had to happen.”

Nonetheless, Travis continued to deny all claims made; “You are literally lying through your teeth.” He demanded proof of the clips Roger had mentioned and continued to press why police involvement had been threatened.

In the end, Travis called Roger a “lying sociopath” and labeled the entire situation as “actually insane.” He has since ensured the tour will continue despite encountering “bumps in the road.”

This isn’t the first time Travis has found himself in trouble, having previously been swatted on Kick and arrested on multiple felony drug charges.

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